PRO MMA Exclusive Interview – Cain Velasquez

PRO MMA’s ( “Fast Eddie” Constantine sat down with UFC Heavyweight Cain Velasquez. The undefeated AKA standout talked about his coach Dave Camarillo, Ben Rothwell and his AKA teammates.

PRO MMA Exclusive Interview – Jon Fitch

PRO MMA’s ( “Fast Eddie” Constantine caught up with Jon Fitch at Dave Camarillo’s Guerrilla Jiu-Jitsu grand opening in Pleasanton, Calif., this past Saturday. Fitch talks about the new school, being the first Guerrilla Jiu Jitsu student to go from white belt to black, his AKA teammates and “unfinished business” in the UFC’s 170 pound … Read more

2008 Olympian Daniel Cormier is Actively Pursuing MMA Career

Twitter and other social networking websites are changing the way news is being reported. In yet another example it appears that 2008 Olympic wrestler Daniel Cormier is preparing to enter the MMA world.

Cormier’s Twitter, @Cormier2009, was full of updates last week chronicling his visit to AKA and training with Muhammed Lawal. Here are some highlights.

“I’m n San Jose training MMA. I am going to LA on Friday. What have u been doing?”

“Just finished sparring went hard kinda hurt my elbow but its cool. Cain has really nice hands and goes hard.”

“I am n LA for a week. I am going down to train with Mo and Mark Munoz. We are all fighting now.”

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AKA Insight: in THE INFO studio with “Crazy” Bob Cook and Luke Rockhold

The famed American Kickboxing Academy made its presence felt on this special in studio edition of THE INFO when “Crazy” Bob Cook and Luke Rockhold (5-1) stopped by the show. Matt De La Rosa and “Fast” Eddie Constantine talked with the guys about all things MMA, AKA, Strikeforce, UFC, Santa Cruz and business. Cook filled … Read more

The guard system that I am a fan of is GET UP! –Dave Camarillo

Dave Camarillo, BJJ black belt and head grappling coach of the famed American Kickboxing Academy in San Jose, California, sums up his philosophy on the guard in one short statement.

The founder of Guerrilla Jiu-Jitsu joined THE INFO, the official podcast of PRO MMA (, Monday night for nearly two hours and covered a wide array of topics including his roots in Judo under his father Jim, his introduction and subsequent fall out years later with former instructor Ralph Gracie, and his current stable of world beaters that train under him.

No subject was off topic with Dave and it made for an amazing interview. One of the main themes Camarillo stated over and over was the difference between a fighter and a martial artist. Camarillo defines both terms in his blog and he really hits the nail on the head.

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PRO MMA exclusive interview: Luke Rockhold

PRO MMA’s ( “Fast Eddie” Constantine caught up with Strikeforce middleweight and American Kickboxing Academy prospect; Luke Rockhold while at the Josh Thomson media day on Tuesday. Rockhold is coming off two straight victories in Strikeforce over Josh Neal and Nik Theotikos.

Rockhold will face Team Quest’s Buck Meredith on April 11th at the Strikeforce “Shamrock vs. Diaz” card. “Fast Eddie” grabbed a few words from the young 185 pounder prior to the pro practice at AKA.

PRO MMA: Luke, how has the training been going for the fight?
ROCKHOLD: Its going good. I’m training as hard as ever, at AKA we don’t mess around. Just doing everything that I have to do to win the fight.

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Satoshi Ishii meets with Dana White in Vegas

We told you a couple of weeks ago that 2008 Olympic judo gold medallist, Satoshi Ishii had made it very clear he only wanted to fight for the UFC and Dana White having got word of this, invited Ishii to UFC 92 this weekend. is reporting that Ishii arrived in Las Vegas and met with UFC president Dana White at the MGM Grand on Friday. Ishii expressed a desire to train in the U.S. and asked White for recommendations. White suggested AKA in San Jose or Xtreme Couture in Las Vegas to the Japanese judoka.

Ishii mentioned that he had considered training with Fedor and Team Red Devil in Russia. White assured Ishii that the best training for MMA was not to be found in Russia, but in the United States. In fact, White invited Ishii to stay in Las Vegas and train at Xtreme Couture for one month. White told him he would learn about real MMA fighters through training with the best and then he would evaluate Ishii based upon feedback from the Xtreme Couture trainers.

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Pay me once, own me forever

by:  Jack Bratcher

This is a Holiday 2008 UFC catalog I recently received in the mail.  It contains various UFC products such as T-Shirts, DVDs, hats, etc. that would make nice gift ideas for Christmas.

However, as I looked closer at the cover the other day I noticed the fighter silhouette was none other than our good buddy Frank Trigg.  That head is unmistakeable.

Now, Trigg hasn’t been a part of the UFC since 2005 when he fought GSP at UFC 54 so why are they stilll using his image to advertise their wares?

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Joe Rogan comments on UFC video game contract issue

by:  Doug Drexler

Joe Rogan posted a response to a forum thread on giving his take on Dana White’s recent outburst regarding the contract status of Jon Fitch, and other fighters out of the American Kickboxing Academy.

Rogan commented on Dana White as a person by saying “Dana is a very unconventional person. If you’re with him, you’re his friend and he’s the best guy in the world to have on your side. Conversely, if you’re against him he’s your worst fucking enemy.”

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Dana who? Jon Fitch back in the UFC

Have you ever gone over your boss’s head about something? Maybe you didn’t like the way he was doing something so you went to his boss and took care of it? Well, that is similar to what Jon Fitch has done. Previously we told you Fitch and Christian Wellisch had been cut from the UFC due to a merchandising contract dispute.

Yesterday the MMA community was stunned to learn  the welterweight contender had been ousted from the company.  Howerver, reports are now coming in that Fitch, after speaking with billionaire UFC co-owner Lorenzo Fertitta via telephone has settled their differences and Fitch has agreed to sign the video game licensing agreement which in a sense was at the root of the problem.

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