ADCC preview show – featuring “Gumby” and Dave Camarillo

THE INFO brings you a special Abu Dhabi Combat Club 2009 preview show. It was a Ralph Gracie reunion of sorts as “Fast Eddie” Constantine was joined by On The Mat founder, Heroes Jiu Jitsu owner and Ralph Gracie black belt “Gumby” as well as AKA grappling coach and Guerrilla Jiu-Jitsu guru, Dave Camarillo. These … Read more

ADCC Texas Championships results

On Sat., July 25, the top grapplers in the region gathered for the ADCC Texas Championships which took place in Houston. From all accounts the day-long event was a huge success with such teams as American Fight Company, Extreme Grappling, and Team Lutter competing.

The following competitors from the event qualified and will move on to the ADCC Nationals 2010 with the chance to represent North America at ADCC Worlds 2011.

Male Divisions:

  • 65.9kg – Brandon Sandefur – American Fight Company
  • 76.9kg – Tony Tipton – Team Lutter
  • 87.9kg – Jason Ebarb – Texas Punishment Crew
  • 98.9kg – Brandon Caldwell – Extreme Grappling
  • +99kg – Aaron Davis – Lake Area BJJ

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ADCC Regionals will now feed into the Trials

PRO MMA ( was notified on Wednesday that ADCC Regionals 2010 National Championships will serve as the 2010 U.S. Trials for the ADCC World Championships in 2011.

What this means for competitive grapplers is that all ADCC Regional Expert winners will get an invite to fight at the Nationals/Trials that will take place in May or June of 2010. If you win your National division, you will go to the ADCC Worlds in 2011.

This is big news for all Regional Tournament winners and ADCC Worlds hopefuls. Starting this year, the only way that you can make it to ADCC Worlds in 2011 is to win at Nationals or get an invite directly from ADCC.

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ADCC Regionals release new tournament dates

Start polishing up on your ground skills now! PRO MMA ( has been informed of several new upcoming tournament dates for ADCC Regionals events.

The event dates are as follows:

The ADCC Great Lake Championships will take place September 11th & 12th in Grand Rapids, Mich., at the Delatplex Arena. Registration for the event will open soon.

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Know your Abu Dhabi: In-depth with ADCC Regionals promoter Brett Boyce

Bringing more attention to grappling and BJJ is one of our objectives here at PRO MMA ( That being said, we recently spoke with the promoter for ADCC Regional Tournaments Brett Boyce who explained how their new competition series works.

“If you are a kid, teen, beginner or an intermediate, you will be able to grapple in a no-gi tournament that has different rules than most other tournaments,” Boyce said. He also explained how ADCC Regionals is the place to be if you want to move on to the big leagues, “You can start to learn how to compete in an ADCC tournament if you have bigger and better plans, like Worlds. ADCC officials will be at every tournament scouting talent.”

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