Kimbo Slice on TV the next two evenings


EliteXC Heavyweight Sensation Will Appear On David Blaine Special Tonight;
Then Will Be a Featured Guest On “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” On Thursday

LOS ANGELES (Sept. 24, 2008) — Incredibly popular YouTube fighting legend and undefeated mixed martial arts superstar, Kimbo Slice, will face legendary Hall Of Famer, Ken Shamrock, on Saturday, Oct. 4, on CBS at the BankAtlantic Center in Sunrise, Fla.

First, however, Kimbo, will appear on a new, two-hour primetime special, David Blaine: Dive of Death tonight and will be a special guest on the nationally televised late-night talk show “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” the following night, tomorrow/Thursday, Sept. 25.

Both shows air on the ABC Television Network. David Blaine: Dive of Death will be televised from 9-11 p.m. ET/PT. “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” airs at 12:05 a.m. ET/PT and 11:05 p.m. CT.

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Ken Shamrock Knows the Score – PRO MMA Exclusive Interview

by: Cory Brady

Ken Shamrock is an undisputed legend in the sport of mixed martial arts and has fought on countless main events over the years but none of those fights have been as big as his next bout is poised to be. Shamrock has been given a golden opportunity in the form of Kimbo Slice live on CBS EliteXC Saturday Night Fights set for October 4th. Ken says he knows the score. He knows there are a lot of people that think he was hand picked to lose to Kimbo and add a huge name to his resume and Ken is just fine with that. He is looking to crash the Kimbo party come October 4th. With nothing left to prove in the game, Ken just fights for the love of fighting.

PRO MMA recently had the opportunity to speak with this legend of mixed martial arts about numerous topics including Kimbo (of course), the possibility of the Ken vs. Frank Superfight coming together and how he feels about his son following in his footsteps. We are honored and proud to present to you Mr. Ken Shamrock:

PRO MMA: Hey Ken, thanks for taking this time with us. We know you are extremely busy with final preparations for your fight with Kimbo. How are you feeling right now physically? Are you injury free for this fight?
Ken: Yeah, I’m injury free. I’m feeling good and I’m really excited to get in the ring and get it on!

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Fedor Emelianenko could face winner of Overeem vs. Filipovic on New Year’s eve in Japan

by:  Jack Bratcher

It was announced on HDNet tonight during the DREAM 6 broadcast that the winner of Mirko “Crocop” Filipovic vs. Alistair Overeem could possibly face Fedor Emelianenko on New Year’s eve in Japan.   But the fight ended up being a “No Contest” when CroCop could not continue after taking multiple knees to the groin.  They actually said his right testicle was up inside him.  So who should Fedor fight between these two?

Since Fedor had already defeated Crocop earlier in their career and also because Crocop seems to have lost much of the luster he held back in PRIDE, a fight between Fedor and Overeem is much more preferred than simply a rematch between Fedor and Crocop, at least in my opinion. Also, the fact that Overeem is just as good on the ground as he is standing, would make the match up with Fedor much more interesting than simply a straight-up striker like Crocop.

Fedor stepped into the ring and took the microphone in hand to speak to the Japanese crowd, who are huge fans of the PRIDE Heavyweight Champion. Fedor seemed in great spirits and had a large uncharacteristic smile. First he said he would like to train with the Japanese Olympic gold-medalist Ishi. Then Fedor said he looks forward to coming back to the Saitama Super Arena, in Japan for the New Year’s eve event.

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Incredible finish to the DREAM 6 Middleweight Grand Prix!

by:  Jack Bratcher

It is a holiday in Japan today, signaling the end of summer and the beginning of fall. It is also the night of DREAM 6 featuring the finals of a middleweight grand prix. Yes, I am up at 2:10 am CST bringing you the results and recap fight-by-fight, so stay tuned night owls.

reserve match
Andrews Nakahara (183.7) vs. Yoon Dong Sik (184.8)
Rd.1 – Yoon is in a gi. Nakahara with leg kick, head kick, and another leg kick. Yoon looks for a takedown. Right hand by Yoon. Takedown by Yoon. Nakahara goes for a gogoplata but Yoon escapes. Full mount by Yoon. Yoon goes for a choke using the sleeve of his gi but to no avail. Yoon trying to soften up Nakahara with strikes but Nakahara escapes and is back on his feet. Ref stands up Yoon. Leg kick by Nakahara, followed by a round kick. Yoon tries to shoot in but Nakahara sprawls and throws numerous big knees to Yoon’s head as the bell sounds.
Rd.2 – Nakahara quickly drops Yoon with punches. Yoon tries to cover up but continues to eat punches until the ref stops it just thirty seconds into round two. Andrews Nakahara defeats Yoon Dong Sik by TKO in round 2.

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Chuck Liddell’s secret; an interview with Rashad Evans

by:  Jack Bratcher

Pro MMA Radio host, Larry Pepe, interviewed Rashad Evans last week and uncovered some very interesting information about the man who put the Iceman to sleep. Probably the most interesting and noteworthy detail of this interview consists of Rashad Evans revealing a “tell” that Chuck Liddell gave away in his fight that allowed Rashad to capitalize on the moment and send shockwaves throughout the UFC Light Heavyweight division and the entire MMA world. Much the same way a poker player may go all in, but a “tell” to one who knows has let on that it is a bluff, Rashad received a certain bit of information from a training partner that may very well have made all the difference.

When asked if the win had sunk in yet? Rashad says, “Yeah a little bit, but it still kind of feels unreal. I was such a huge underdog.” Rashad gives a lot of the credit for his win over Liddell to his muay thai and boxing coach, Mike Winklejohn. Evans says about Winklejohn, “He seen it coming a long time ago. He told me at the beginning of training camp, this is the punch that is going to put Chuck Liddell down.” According to Rashad, his coach had watched a lot of film on Chuck and came up with the formula that would take him out. In fact Winklejohn was so confident of how the fight was going to turn out he told Rashad just before the fight as he was warming up, “What’s going to happen is you’re gonna hit him with that overhand right and knock him out and I won’t be able to get into the cage afterward to congratulate you because he’s gonna still be sleeping.” And that is exactly what happened. I don’t even know if that is confidence. It is more like prophecy.

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DREAM 6 fighters make weight in Japan

Thousands and thousands of MMA fans were very disappointed and still feel the pain of loss from PRIDE FC being taken away from them. PRIDE FC was a Japanese MMA organization that entertained fans for years and was the breeding ground and platform to stardom for such great fighters as Fedor Emelianenko and Mirko Filipovic, not to mention countless others. However, out of the ashes of greatness have arisen two new Japanese-based MMA organizations and one of them, DREAM, will be holding it’s sixth event late tonight/early Tuesday morning.

All of the fighters for the DREAM 6 event at the Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan, have successfully made weight. The fighters stepped on the scales earlier today at the East 21 Hotel in Tokyo, Japan. DREAM 6 will feature the semifinals and finals for the DREAM middleweight grand prix. The event will air live on HDNet tonight at (midnight) 12:00 a.m. PST/3 a.m. EST and will replay again at 1:00 p.m. PST/4:00 p.m. EST.

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Georges St. Pierre visits Rio de Janeiro

Canadian fighter and UFC welterweight champion, Georges “Rush” St. Pierre made a trip to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil after defeating Jon Fitch in UFC 87. GSP was seen training at Gracie Barra and supporting his friend Gustavo Machado for a fight in Canada that unfortunately did not happen. caught up with GSP for an … Read more

Anderson Silva Retiring And It’s Affect On The UFC

by:  Kelvin Hunt

Supposedly, UFC Middleweight Champion, Anderson Silva has told Brazilian cable channel SporTV, that he has “already gave his all and within one year will put aside his gloves.” If this quote is true, which so far has not been denied, it would be a sad day for many Spider Silva fans all around the world. He has cleared out the UFC middleweight division and tested the waters of the light heavyweight division with a first round KO of James Irvin.  However, there are at least five big fights I would love to see before Anderson Silva retires:

  • Anderson Silva vs. Chuck Liddell-Although Liddell is coming off a devastating KO loss to Rashad Evans…he is still a HUGE name in MMA.  That’s proven by over 4,000 people coming out in the Phillipines to see him work out as the UFC did some promotional touring in that country.
  • Anderson Silva vs. Forrest Griffin-Griffen is arguably the best known fighter coming from the TUF show and is the current LHW champion.
  • Anderson Silva vs. “Rampage” Jackson-Jackson is the former LHW champion and a fan favorite
  • Anderson Silva vs. Randy Couture-I realize that Couture is currently fighting at HW, but he is the former LHW champion as well.  In fact, if he can’t get the Fedor fight done….why not fight the guy that’s right there with Fedor as the best P4P fighter in the world?
  • Anderson Silva vs. Cung Le-This fight would have to take place in California since that’s where the majority of Le’s fanbase resides.

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