by: Jack Bratcher Tyson Griffin vs. Marcus Aurelio – Lightweight Round 1: Feeling out. Griffin’s ankles are taped heavily. Crowd already restless. Exchanging punches. Tyson throws Marcus down and goes in for some ground and pound while standing. Big shots by Griffin. Marcus looking for a triangle. Griffin in full gaurd of Marcus. Aurelio looking … Read more

Frank Trigg predictions for UFC-86 (video)

Frank “Twinkle Toes” Trigg aka The TNA Wrestler aka CEO of Triggonomics aka Tagg Radio Host aka Color Commentator aka Number 7 in the world at Middleweight now adds to his repetoire Video Blogger. Trigg is a legend in the sport. He had been writing a column for MMA Junkie but it looks like they … Read more

Rampage Jackson and Forrest Griffin on ESPN Talk Light Heavyweight Title Fight (Video)

I get the idea Rampage doesn’t seem to respect Forrest’s abilities all that much. Rampage was in the process of cutting weight during this video and just wasn’t in the mood to do his trademark howl. I recently heard Rampage say his howl is actually meant to be a wolf howl. Here we have Forrest … Read more

Betting Odds For UFC 86: Jackson vs. Griffin

Brandon Vera -650 Reese Andy 475 Jorge Gurgel 105 Cole Miller 135 Gabriel Gonzaga -550 Justin McCully 400 Patrick Cote 120 Ricardo Almeida -150 Josh Koscheck -330 Chris Lytle 220 Joe Stevenson -220 Gleison Tibau 175 Quinton Jackson -260 Forrest Griffin 200 I’m really surprised to see Gabriel Gonzaga to be such a heavy favorite … Read more

Interview With Papa Rampage, Quinton Jackson’s Father

by: Jack Bratcher I’m from Tennessee and by sheer coincidence I got the great privelage of speaking to the Father our state’s most notable and famous Mixed Martial Arts Fighter: Quinton Jackson. Mr. Charles Jackson still lives in Memphis and probably lives a comparatively simple life compared to the UFC Champ. We’ve all heard interviews … Read more

New Interview with Jon Fitch About Upcoming Title Fight

Jon Fitch talks about his upcoming title fight with George St. Pierre at UFC 87 on August 9th. He talks about his training and how he’s preparing for this fight with GSP. He responds to the possibility that GSP may move up in weight classes after this fight. more about “John Fitch“, posted with vodpod


by: Jack Bratcher Who would’ve thought the young Opie Taylor lookalike with the trademark smirk would grow up one day to fight for the UFC Lightweight Championship of the World? Who would’ve thought a little reality show about guys who want to get a contract with an MMA organization would produce a winner whose Finale … Read more


by: Jack Bratcher Justin Wren is an up-and-coming Heavyweight MMA Fighter from Texas.  He’s an intimidating figure with outstanding wrestling credentials.  Justin trains with The Ultimate Fighter winner, Travis Lutter, among others.  From the first time I saw some of Justin’s Youtube wrestling videos and heard that he was now entering into the MMA world, I knew that this would be a guy we would one day hear about.  Justin has been paying his dues the old-fashioned … Read more

Frank Trigg Calls Out A.J. Styles on TNA

watch?v=6BY2xBs1nn8 Last week, A.J. Styles hit Trigg from behind out in the parking lot mistakenly thinking he was Kurt Angle. Well, this week Trigg had some words for Mr. Styles. He tells him how it’s done in the MMA world. Good stuff by “Twinkle Toes.” He’s a complete natural and looked absolutely comfortable delivering that … Read more