Babalu vs Sokoudjou set for Affliction

Despite being released by the UFC nearly two weeks ago, Remeau Thierry Sokoudjou will meet Renato “Babalu” Sobral in January at Afflcition: Day of Reckogning. “The African Assassin” failed to live up to expectations in the UFC, compiling a 1-2 record.

The DREAM organization appeared to be one organization that had been rumored to be interested in the Team Quest product’s services. While that may still be a possibility, Sokoudjou will first fight on the January 24 Affliction card against a red hot “Babalu.”

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Georges St. Pierre & Topps trading cards

Who doesnt remember the excitement of ripping open a wax-pack of Topps baseball cards as a child with the anticipation of getting your favorite slugger’s card packed with the smell of crunchy, stale, cardboard-like bubble gum? Joining the ranks of the mainstream collector cards are the new Topps UFC Trading Cards. Here’s a look at some of the new GSP cards and a talk with the champ.

Here’s another Topps video with Matt Serra:

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Getting back to his roots: a PRO MMA exclusive with Jorge Gurgel

Jorge Gurgel will be heading back to his home country of Brazil in just a few days. He is headed back home to reconnect with those roots that are the foundation of the man he is today.

Everything Jorge is, started from the seeds of jiu-jitsu that were planted back in Brazil. He is returning to the homeland to reconnect with old friends, with family, with the sunshine and to surround himself with the familiarity and security of it all.

Jorge will meet up with old training partners now Black Belts in their own right; the guys he grew up with, rolled and sweated with perfecting their art of jiu-jitsu.

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Badr Hari stripped of Heavyweight Title

K-1 stripped Badr Hari of his Heavyweight Title due to his actions at the K-1 World Grand Prix. In the final, Hari stomped on the head of a downed Remy Bonjasky, leading to a disqualification  of the Moroccan “Bad Boy.”

Sadaharu Tanikawa, FEG President, indicated earlier in the week that K-1 could possibly punish Hari. Japanese news papers Sports Nippon and Nikkan Sports found out about the news of the decision to strip Hari of his title late Saturday night.

K-1 Rules Director Nobuaki Kakuda and Tanikawa also suspended the now former Heavyweight champion indefinitely. More disciplinary action may be handed down.

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The Ultimate Finale- “Team Nogueira vs. Team Mir”- Preview

The UFC will be broadcasting The Ultimate Finale for season 8 live on Spike TV on Saturday December 13th at 9 PM Eastern.  Sandwiched between their “Fight for the Troops” event last evening, and the blockbuster “UFC 92: The Ultimate 2008”, the show will be the 2nd of 3 shows for the UFC in the month of December to close a busy year for the organization.

This season will mostly be remembered for the antics of Junie Allen Browning, but for MMA hardcores, it was all about the fighting.  Phillipe Nover showed promise early garnering praise from everyone including Dana White, and proved he was the one to beat by dispatching of all comers on his way to a spot in the finals facing Efrain Escudero.

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Corey Hill’s leg – photo

This has to be the worst picture in MMA history. Holy f*cking sh*t!!!! Corey was fighting Dale Hartt at UFC Fight Night 16: Fight for the Troops and as he threw a leg kick, Hartt checked the kick and Corey’s skinny shin’s made contact with Hartt’s thicker shin and something had to give. Maybe this … Read more

Historic MMA Rivalries, part 3: Brazil vs. Japan

Kimura vs. Gracie

Brazil vs Japan

For many years, two countries have been represented well by their native sons in the sport of mixed martial arts. Each culture embodies the spirit and wisdom necessary to be successful in the sport, as well as helping it evolve over time. 

The roots of Brazil and Japan’s contributions to MMA runs far deeper then the sport’s short history of fifteen years. The art of Jiu-Jitsu had been developed in Japan during the Feudal period as a form of hand to hand combat for war. Centuries after its development, Jiu-Jitsu found its way to Brazil thanks to Mitsuyo Maeda.

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Fight for the Troops bonuses

Everyone who watched the Fight For the Troops would be in agreement with Josh Koshcheck’s winning the $30,000 knockout of the night bonus. The announcement came not long after his devastating two punch knockout of Yoshiyuki Yoshida. Even the commentators, Mike Goldberg and Joe Rogan, immediately stated that they were sure it would get KO of the night honors.

Steve Cantwell was the recipient of the submission of the night $30,000 bonus after his arm-breaking (he literally gave Al-Hassan a two-way elbow) technical submission of Razak Al-Hassan. The hard to watch submission victory came at 4:04 of round 1. Amazingly, the referee, Mario Yamasaki, had to stop the match, as Al-Hassan never tapped, even while his arm was being hyper-extended, thus making the victory and actual technical submission, which goes on Cantwell’s record as a TKO.

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Frank Mir sets the record straight about TUF 8 & Junie Browning

Frank Mir has a lot on his mind. He recently initiated contact with Raw Vegas TV to set the record straight on his appearance on The Ultimate Fighter season 8 and what went on with Junie Browning. He thinks Junie should have been kicked off and says Dana and the UFC took a big chance … Read more