Diva arrested before Monday’s RAW claims arrest was “mistake”

WWE Diva Emma was arrested Monday in Hartford, Connecticut, before that night’s RAW. According to local paper, The Courant, she was arrested for shoplifting. The Police say Tenille Dashwood, WWE name Emma, has been charged with sixth-degree larceny after she stole an item from Wal-Mart at 495 Flatbush Avenue, about three miles away from the site of Monday’s WWE event at the XL … Read more

Daniel Bryan makes announcement concerning future and owns Bo Dallas

On the WWE Money in the Bank kickoff show last night, Daniel Bryan made a pretty big announcement concerning his future, but was interrupted by wannabe motivational speaker Bo Dallas. Daniel Bryan apparently doesn’t Bo-lieve and proceeded to own Dallas on the microphone. Daniel Bryan came out to a solid ovation and he is no … Read more

Randy Orton suffers nasty gash, gets 12 staples at Money in the Bank (PIC)

If you watched WWE knock it out of the park last night with their Money in the Bank special event you were blessed. Unfortunately, Randy Orton was on the receiving end of a nasty ladder collision that left him bloody 1/2 – 3/4 into the match. WWE’s website posted the following picture and reported the … Read more

Hulk Hogan cuts promo to hype the US Soccer team before facing Germany

  Hulk Hogan cut an old school promo before the USA vs. Germany World Cup soccer match. The Hulkster was trying to motivate the US soccer players by talking about his pythons and calling them brother. They obviously didn’t watch because they lost to Germany 1-0. If they would have only said their prayers and … Read more

Evil “Mr. McMahon” character officially retired, top 50 “Mr. McMahon-isms” video

If you watch any WWE programming, WWE is now billing the “Billion Dollar Princess” Stephanie McMahon as “The principal owner of World Wrestling Entertainment”. That used to be her father Vince’s title so as it pertains to Vince the slight wording change is significant. FLASHBACK: A montage of the famous Vince McMahon vs. Stone Cold … Read more

WWE fires long time commentator

  WWE’s budget cuts strike again! One of the WWE’s best commentators Josh Mathews’ run with the company is at an end thanks in most part to the failure of the WWE Network. Matthews competed on another program that eventually tanked, WWE’s Tough Enough. After 12 years of announcing, interviewing and hosting panels for the WWE he … Read more

Epic post 2002 Raw segment, pretty much everyone daring Undertaker to Spinaroonie

On August 12, 2002 after Monday Night Raw ended The Undertaker ordered Booker-T to do a Spinearoonie. Booker agrees and does it, but what The Undertaker wasn’t aware of, was that Vince McMahon had set him up. After Booker’s Spinaroonie, he tried to get The Undertaker to do an The Undertakerroonie. Taker refused, so The … Read more

Snooki wants full time WWE gig — Wait, what?!

MTV reality star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, who hosted RAW back in 2011 and then wrestled at WrestleMania 27, appeared on Chris Jericho’s Talk Is Jericho podcast recently to shamelessly plug her own new podcast and she flat out said that she’s interested in returning to WWE after she has her second baby. “I’m actually begging … Read more

Former WWE star blasts Kofi Kingston on Twitter *UPDATED

  Former WWE Superstar Trent Baretta tweeted about the recent, previously reported WWE releases , taking a shot at Kofi Kingston yet again. “Shoulda been Kofi.” He also sent a message directly to the released talent. “Fired friends. If you love wrestling you’re about to have the most fun ever.” This isn’t the first time trent Baretta … Read more