Ultimate warrior dead *Updated*

*UPDATE* They report that Warrior was walking down a hallway at the Gainey Suites Hotel in Scottsdale, AZ, headed toward his car with his wife, when he stopped, clutched his chest and went down. He never recovered. Sources told TMZ that officials believe Warrior suffered a “catastrophic medical event” and so far, there is no evidence to show drugs … Read more

T.U.F. Star/UWC veteran Kris “Savage” McCray coming home to UWC 8 Judgement Day May 22 as special guest

T.U.F Teammate Jamie Yager and WEC Stars Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone and Leonard “Bad Boy” Garcia Also Appearing Washington, D.C. — Kris “Savage” McCray, current star on The Ultimate Fighter (T.U.F.) television show and former Ultimate Warrior Challenge (UWC) fighter, will make a special guest appearance in front of his hometown fans at UWC® 8 JUDGEMENT … Read more

Former TV Power Ranger to make UWC debut at Judgement Day on May 22

Action Hero-Turned-MMA Fighter Jason David Frank to Fight May 22 Washington D.C. (May 2010) – As an actor Jason David Frank was used to battling alien villains as a star on the “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” television series.  Now, the former action hero-turned-Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter will battle the real thing when he takes … Read more

ProMMA.info Robbery of 2009: Beebe vs. Easton Decision

Judging and the way fights are scored in MMA became one of the hot topics in 2009 for fans and pundits. It seems as if the end of every UFC event was followed by people saying “someone got robbed” or “the ten-point-must system must go.” However, in 2009, there was no judging failure that could compare to the decision in the Chase Beebe vs. Mike Easton fighter – the ProMMA.info Robbery of 2009.

The decision was terrible. It was so obviously wrong that it could not even be considered “hometown cooking.” Beebe clearly won four of the five rounds and even Easton’s biggest supporters couldn’t claim he won more than two.

The decision was terrible. Mike Easton, the most popular fighter in the DC metro area, was booed loudly less than an hour from his home city. The fans who paid to see him fight knew that he did not deserve to win.

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Easton’s win over Beebe changed to “no decision” – UWC releases official statement

If you watched the Ultimate Warrior Challenge “UWC 7: Redemption” card this past weekend you were probably thinking the same thing I was, “How in the hell did Mike “The Hulk” Easton get the nod with a split decision over Chase Beebe in the main event?

After tremendous backlash the result has been changed to “no decision” by the state’s overseeing agency, the Virginia Professional Boxing and Wrestling Program. For now the bout will be recorded as a “no decision” until the commission completes an investigation that could, at best, lead to the outcome being changed to a no contest.

PROMMA.INFO received the following official statement today regarding the fight and the original ruling of a split decision win for Mike Easton:

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Mike Easton wins very controversial split decision over Chase Beebe at “UWC 7: Redemption” – full results

“UWC 7: Redemption” took place Saturday night Oct. 3 at the Patriot Center in Fairfax, Va. In the main event Mike “The Hulk” Easton won a very controversial split decision over Chase Beebe to retain the UWC Bantamweight Title. Easton addressed the booing fans after the fight, “I was killing him standing up. It was a close fight, but it is what it is…It was controversial I enjoyed that fight. I love those kinds of fights. I’m the Champ, gotta beat the Champ!”

In the co-main event undefeated Pat Runez went five full rounds with with flyweight champ John Dodson. In the end Runez out-pointed Dodson to win a split decision and become the new UWC Flyweight Champion. Runez spoke to the fans after the fight, “As long as UWC keeps bringing in quality opponents like John Dodson, I’ll be ready to come back and defend the belt.”

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Mann Talk – Robbery of the Year

The New UWC Champ... whoops
The New UWC Champ... whoops

My girlfriend rolled over in bed and said, “is it over yet?” While holding my laptop that lit up the dark room, I told here that Chase Beebe just won. She asked, “is that Chase?” as she pointed to a confident Mike Easton walking around the cage. As I got up to brush my teeth, I explained that Easton was dominated and spent most of the fight in a defensive position. I said, “easily 49-46 Beebe.” Then I heard the announcement that Mike Easton won via split decision.

MMA is still a young sport. Clearly there are going to be growing pains. This is easily most evident in the judging department. Fans like to release their outcry and call decisions “robberies.” Often there really is no crime to report. However, this past Saturday gave us the biggest theft of the year – maybe the theft of the decade.

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UWC, MFC, Sportfight, CageSport and Boxing Picks

John Dodson will face Pat Runez on Saturday
John Dodson will face Pat Runez on Saturday

Last weekend I righted the ship. The pressure was on, but I still went 11-2 (3NC). My overall record is now 90-24 (13NC). My picking rate is headed in the right direction again at 79%. This week we take a look at some great cards. In action are everyone’s favorite CageDiva Miesha Tate, top flyweight contenders and Butterbean. As always do not be afraid to voice your opinion in the comments section.

UWC 7 – Redemption
Mike Easton (7-1) vs. Chase Beebe (12-4)

A lot of people are excited about Mike Easton, because he has all the physical tools. He is also a very skilled grappler with dynamite knees in the clinch. However, he is not going to be able to deal with Chase Beebe’s wrestling game. Easton has ended up on the bottom in his last few fights, but against Beebe he will be stuck down there and punished. If Beebe avoided being caught by Rani Yahya, then he came avoid Easton’s ground game. Five-round bantamweight fights are always a good show.
Pick = Chase Beebe

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“UWC 7: Redemption” will be available in live online pay-per-view this Saturday, Oct. 3

This Saturday, Oct. 3, 2009, Ultimate Warrior Challenge brings “UWC 7: REDEMPTION” to the Patriot Center in Fairfax, Va. Headlining the card will be a UWC Bantamweight Championship between Mike Easton and Chase Beebe. In the  co-main event, Pat Runez will take on John Dodson for the UWC Flyweight Title.

The Ultimate Warrior Challenge is known for putting on one of the best shows in the country and now you don’t even have to be in Virginia to witness the action. This Saturday beginning at 6:30 p.m. ET , “UWC 7: REDEMPTION” will be available* via a live online pay-per-view at www.uwcmma.com. The pre-sale price is $14.95 or $19.95 if you wait until the day of the event.

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War Machine post UWC 6 comments

Since being ostracized by both the UFC and Bellator, War Machine has hit the local circuit. This past weekend he made his UWC debut at their “Capital Punishment” card. He had a little more trouble than expected with Reshad Woods, but in the end was able to finish the fight in the second round. The always outspoken, War Machine, talked to reporters after his fight. PRO MMA (promma.info) staff writer Richard Mann was there.

During the fight War Machine continually pressed forward trying to take Woods to the ground. Apparently, this was his strategy going into the fight. Machine told reporters, “I knew he was a kick boxer, and he he’s got a long reach on me. So, you know, I just wanted to get it on the ground. That’s where I’m stronger than him.”

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