Dana White, Lorenzo Fertitta and Scott Coker talk about the Zuffa purchase of Strikeforce

UFC President Dana White and UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta, along with Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker, held a media conference call Monday and answered questions regarding Zuffa’s purchase of Strikeforce.

Lorenzo Fertitta discusses Flash sale – Frankie Edgar confirmed for B.J. Penn

Lorenzo Fertitta discusses his role in the global expansion of the UFC and how bringing Abu-Dhabi’s Flash Entertainment on board will help this cause dramatically. He also squashes the rumor that Renzo Gracie helped facilitate the deal. Another interesting detail revealed is Flash will now own more UFC equity than Dana White. They will own … Read more

PRO MMA Exclusive Interview – Mark DellaGrotte Part 3

Here is the final installment of a special three part PROMMA.INFO exclusive. Mark DellaGrotte talks candidly with “Fast Eddie” Constantine about his relationship with Kenny Florian, his thoughts on Penn vs Florian and has some very kind words for his family, friends and fans. Please like & share:

M-1 Global issues new statement regarding UFC negotiations

On Friday morning, PRO MMA (promma.info) received the following statement from M-1 Global’s Co-Owner and President Vadim Finkelchtein:

“There have been recent reports stating that talks between M-1 Global and the UFC regarding Fedor fighting in the UFC have ended. Like some of the other reports that have surfaced, this is incorrect.

“It is unfortunate that so much incorrect information has been leaked to the public. It is M-1’s preference not to negotiate in public and we are unsure why people claim that Fedor and M-1 turned down a six fight, $30 million contract to fight in the UFC when no such offer was ever made.

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CNBC’s Ultimate Fighting: Fistful of Dollars

Ultimate Fighting: Fistful of Dollars aired on CNBC Wed., July 29, 2009. It is an inside look at the global expansion and success of the UFC even during this time of economic recession.
Part 1

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Ultimate Fighting: Fistful of Dollars to air on CNBC July 29

On Wednesday, July 29, at 1:00 AM ET/10:00 PM PT, CNBC will air a special report entitled “Ultimate Fighting: Fistful of Dollars,” which takes an in-depth look at how the UFC continues to grow during this economic recession. Here are a few videos about the show.

Dana White recalls his foray into Ultimate Fighting, and the phone call that changed the face of the sport forever.

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UFC’s Lorenzo Fertitta visits CroCop in Croatia

Index understands that Lorenzo Fertitta, the head honcho and part owner of the UFC flew to Zagreb with his own private jet earlier this morning. He was driven to Mirko’s residents shortly after, where he stayed for two hours talking with the Croatian fighter. He returned to the airport afterwards, smiling, where his private jet flew off in to an unknown destination.

Filipovic receives an offer he can not refuse
There is no doubt that Fertitta came to Zagreb to persuade the Croatian fighter to change his mind and to sign with the world’s strongest fight sport organization. We understand that Cro Cop has been offered an incredible deal that should see him fight with the UFC once again. Although Filipovic was unavailable for comment, it’s clear that this is a major development in the ongoing negotiations. We will almost certainly see CroCop in the world’s strongest organization once again despite Cro Cop’s close ties with Dream.

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“Octagon”- a ProMMA.info book review

If you want a written history on the UFC then this is not the book for you. If you read at a 2nd grade level like “The Mad One”, then this book is a must have.  All kidding aside, “Octagon” is a virtual pictorial documentary of the plethora of legendary MMA fighters both past and current that have bravely graced the Octagon.  

Lorenzo Fertitta provides the introduction and explains how the book started as a project but quickly morphed into a life of it’s own.  Here is a short excerpt from his introduction:

“These photos, whether action or still shots, reflect drama, emotion, the heart and soul of what it takes to be a professional athlete in a sport that can leave you a completely different person, be it physically, financially, or emotionally.  The drama is the main reason why the before and after photos Kevin has assembled are so compelling.   As an active art collector, I can say these are some of the best art photos I have ever seen.”

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Rampage, B.J., Arianny, and Lorenzo

There are four interviews by David Samuels that have just been published in The Atlantic that are well worth the read.

Each one of these interviews is unique. The interview with Rampage is the most in-depth interview you may ever read and there is some very interesting information in there. They talk about Quinton’s trainer allegedly stealing from him and what Quinton was like immediately following his “little episode” earlier this year. The issue of him facing a fighter that has already KO’d him twice is brought up and the question is asked if this is a “cruel” thing to do to Quinton as his first fight back.

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