Hired as commentator, Seth Petruzelli recounts Nemesis Fighting ordeal

We continue our look into the Nemesis Fighting ordeal that took place Dec.. 11 in the Dominican Republic. Susan Cingari talks with Seth Petruzelli who was hired as a commentator for the event.

Full details released for Roy Jones Jr. combination boxing / MMA event

Seth Petruzelli, the Kimbo Killer, will headline the MMA portion of the card versus Doug "The Rhino" Marshall

PRO MMA (http://promma.info) received this press release today via email regarding the official announcement, match-ups, and pay-per-view price of ‘March Badness’, the combination boxing/MMA event being promoted by former number one pound-for-pound boxing champion, Roy Jones Jr.:


Card will Feature MMA Bouts with Stars Seth Petruzelli, Bob Lashley, Roy Nelson, Jeff Monson & Doug Marshall

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Roy Jones Jr. to promote combination boxing / MMA event in Pensacola, Florida

PRO MMA (http://promma.info) has learned that former pound-for-pound Champion of the World, Roy Jones Jr. plans to promote a combination boxing / MMA event that will air live on pay-per-view on March 21 at the Pensacola Civic Center in Florida.

Never has a combination boxing / MMA card featured such a well known and successful boxer. The 40 year-old Jones will be fighting the relatively unknown Omar Shieka. Jones was last in the ring on November 8, 2008 when he lost a unanimous decision against Joe Calzaghe. Although Jones is getting on up in age, the man has been fighting consistently for 19 straight years.

On the MMA portion of the card, names such as Seth Petruzelli, Bobby Lashley, Roy Nelson, Jeff Monson, and Doug Marshall have been mentioned. It’s not a bad lineup although, Monson’s recent legal issues could potentially keep him from fighting.

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Bas Rutten on Kimbo & Elite XC investigation

Kimbo Slice’s trainer, Bas Rutten comments on what happened with Ken Shamrock pulling out, allegations of Seth Petruzelli getting paid to stand, what the future may hold for the former street fighter, and Petruzelli and his wife receiving death threats. Please like & share:

Breaking news – Kimbo DID NOT LOSE

A new video has surfaced from Kimbo Slice’s brother explaining what really happened in the fight. As he explains it what we thought we saw, we didn’t really see. Instead, Kimbo going to the ground was all part of the gameplan and part of a new move he’s been working on. Meet the younger Slice … Read more

Dana White speaks on the “Kimbo scandal”

If you haven’t heard by now, EliteXC is under investigation for trying to influence the outcome of the Kimbo Slice vs. Seth Petruzelli fight on CBS. The investigation started following comments made by Petruzelli on a Florida radio show that EliteXC wanted him to keep the fight standing. Petruzelli since then has retracted that statement … Read more

PRO MMA Exclusive – Seth Petruzelli sets the record straight

by:  Cory Brady

In the years to come one may possibly look back on the MMA career of Seth Petruzelli and define it pre- and post-Kimbo, depending on how things unfold over the next few weeks and months ahead.

PRO MMA had a talk with Seth prior to his appearance at the EliteXC event on Oct. 4 where he was scheduled to fight Aaron Rosa. None of us had any inclination whatsoever Seth would be fighting Kimbo Slice, least of all Seth himself. But destiny has a funny way of working itself out regardless of our plans or intentions.

As we spoke with Seth prior to the Oct. 4th event, he had this to say, “I know I still have a few fans out there but I’ve been out for a year so my name has kind of gotten lost in the mix so I’m definitely looking to come in and make a big splash in EliteXC.

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Jared Shaw craps his pants (win a free DVD)

Watch the whole video but pay special attention to the time starting at 3:28 mark as Kimbo is getting beat notice who stands up at cage side screaming; it’s none other than everyone’s favorite vice president of EliteXC, Jared Shaw. I would give at least a hundred bucks to know what Shaw was screaming. If you can come up with the best slogan of what Shaw is saying you will win a quality MMA DVD. Post it in the comments.

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The Kimbo bubble gets popped!

by:  Jack Bratcher

Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later and as odd as it has been, it seems only fitting that the Kimbo show would come to a close in the midst of strange circumstances.  The street fighter turned mixed martial artist suffered his first defeat tonight at the hands of Seth Petruzelli.  Petruzelli, although unknown to Slice is not unknown to high level MMA competition.  He has fought such notable names as Matt Hamill, Dan Severn, Gan McGee and a host of others.  As soon as word came in that Shamrock would not be fighting and when they announced who his replacement would be, many people realized the same thing Kimbo and his coaches must have also realized causing them not to formally accept the fight until late this afternoon:  Seth Petruzelli was no Ken Shamrock.

At 28 years old and owning a pair of very heavy hands with 8 knockouts in 10 fights to prove it, Petruzelli was poised in a prime position to shock the world.  Except really, why would a win by Petruzelli shock any true MMA fan unless you were one of the ones who got fooled into buying the hype.  What hype is that?  The hype that said Kimbo Slice was one of the top heavyweight Mixed Martial Artists in the world..let me throw up a bit for even putting those words in a sentence.

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