Dana White Made his “Special Announcement” Tonight on Spike TV

by:  Jack Bratcher He did it to us again.  Dana got everyone riled up once again siimply by uttering the words, “special announcement.”  As we first reported on Thursday, July 24th, tonight was supposed to be the night the President of the UFC was to deliver some type of special announcement.  Everytime Dana White does this, … Read more

Jason “Mayhem” Miller gets caught with his pants down

PRO MMA was at Battle of the Rising Stars last night in Montebello, California at the Canyon Country Club covering the fights. Quite a few well-known faces were there including the ever colorful Jason “Mayhem” Miller. Miller was called into the cage to be part of a group photo and of course he had to … Read more


by: Jack Bratcher SHOWTIME Wilson Reis vs. Bryan Caraway Round 1 – Caraway trains in the style of “Cowboy Karate”. So basically we’re gonna see Walker Texas Ranger vs. a BJJ guy. Nice. As they touch gloves in the center of the cage you immediately notice a ton of blood all over the mat. Hmmm. … Read more

Georges St. Pierre on Jon Fitch fight

GSP talks about his upcoming title defense against number one contender, Jon Fitch. Their bout is scheduled to headline UFC 87: Seek and Destroy on August 9, 2008 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. more about "Georges St. Pierre on Jon Fitch fight", posted with vodpod

All fighters make weight for tomorrow nights Elite XC event

By: Fast Eddie Well it looks like we won’t have another fiasco involving Nick Diaz and his weight.  Weighing in at 159.5 pounds Diaz was under the contracted weight of 160 pounds.  All of the remaining fighters also made their contracted weight for the event.  I don’t know about you but my excitement level is … Read more

Dana Pulls Out The “Special Announcement” Card on Elite XC

by:  Jack Bratcher Dana White is in the fight business.  Fighting is in this man’s blood.  That competitive spirit has enabled him to build the UFC into the great success story that it is today.  There’s no way he’s going to let another MMA promotion walk into this game and just take away what has … Read more

Fast Eddie’s Lessons in Humility with Luke Stewart

This week’s lesson took me to Fight and Fitness in San Francisco for Strikeforce welterweight Luke Stewart’s MMA/BJJ class.  Luke’s hospitality is second to none and he welcomed me to his class as if we were long time friends. If you haven’t had the opportunity to read the article about Luke entitled “Got Ink?” you … Read more

Will Nick Diaz make weight for Elite XC fight vs. Denny?

by: Jack Bratcher If Nick Diaz doesn’t make the 160 lb. weight limit for his fight Saturday night against, then there will be no fight according to his opponent, Thomas Denny. Denny was on the July 18 episode of Inside MMA and said if Diaz came in at 169 lbs. like he did in his … Read more