Non-Spoiler: Off-Topic, link says they know Negan’s victim in TWD

First off, I know this is off topic, but the speculation of who died at the hands of Negan has apparently been solved. According to this website they claim to have the inside scoop on the entire first episode of Season 7’s return from their cliffhanger that left us all wondering – who the hell did … Read more

4xNCAA champ Joey ‘Black Ice’ Davis talks pro MMA debut win – Part 1

After going 133-0 and claiming four NCAA Division II wrestling titles, Compton, California’s Joey “Black Ice” Davis made the transition to professional mixed martial arts last month when he scored a unanimous decision win over Keith Cutrone at Bellator 160 in Anaheim. It was a dominating performance from the 22-year-old who showed impressive striking and … Read more

Prestige FC 2 weigh-in results: Southern and Rhoads official for featherweight title headliner

Weigh-ins are complete for Prestige FC 2: Queen City Coronation in Regina, Saskatchewan and headliners Kurt “The Hurt” Southern and Nick “Nyquil” Rhoads are on point for their 145-pound title match. Southern weighed-in at exactly 145 pounds, while Rhoads was 144.8 pounds. Co-headliner Charmaine “Not So Sweet” Tweet missed weight by just .4 pounds and that will … Read more

Newest Star Wars TV spot shows Finn’s lightsaber skills

In the latest TV spot for Star Wars: The Force Awakens we get to see Finn dueling with a stormtrooper using what looks like Anakin’s light saber. It now appears that his duel with Kylo Ren in trailer #3 may not be as one sided as we all predicted. I won’t spoil anymore of it. … Read more

Finally: Official Force Awakens trailer and poster Monday

October 18th, my birthday, we get a look at the official Star Wars: Episode VII poster. Then, on October 19th we get a new Force Awakens trailer release. The official Star Wars site will host the reveals that should temporarily appease fans who have been salivating for something new. Here are the previous two official trailers: We will post … Read more

Fedor’s GOAT status gone, used UFC talk as self promotion

When Fedor announced his return to MMA the forums lit up. Finally we would see the 39 year old Russian face the best in the world. He would return and beat the top heavyweight fighters on the planet and wear the GOAT crown firmly on his head. Then – in typical Emelianenko fashion – he … Read more

Dr. Rhadi Ferguson Asks, ‘Will The Real Jon Jones Fans Please Stand Up?’

It has been reported that UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones has checked himself into a treatment facility following his fight with Daniel Cormier in UFC 182.  As reported by many news outlets and the UFC, Jon Jones failed a drug test on December 4th for the drug  benzoylecgonine. A quick Google search will inform you … Read more

Charlie Sheen DESTROYS douche bags Kim K, Kanye in epic rant

Charlie Sheen went on an incredibly epic rant aimed at famous for being famous Kim Kardashian early Tuesday morning, telling her to go “f yourself” for reportedly crushing a little girl’s dreams of meeting her. Sheen said a friend of his, probably high as a kite we are guessing, told him about a sweet little 6-year-old girl who absolutely worshiped the … Read more

‘Interview’ movie clip where Eminem says he’s ‘gay’

This one of the best clips of the year. The movie ‘The Interview’ may have sucked hard, but it did provide us with a hilarious Eminem moment. Even though some haters are claiming that this is Eminem coming out of the closet without officially coming out of the closet we see it for what it … Read more