Check out old school Chuck Liddell fighting bare fisted

Chuck Liddell is an MMA legend and a large part of why the UFC, and MMA in general became so popular. His devil may care, swing for the fences style mixed with the dynamite in his hands made for exciting TV and PPV. He wasn’t always the bad ass we saw demolish Tito and Randy … Read more

Caught on tape: Chuck Liddell batters pedestrian in road rage incident

Ever had road rage? Try driving in Las Vegas traffic in the summer with no air conditioner. This would sure come in handy. A new technology allows cars to detect the emotions of their drivers via infrared camera and if you become upset, the system will warn you about it.

Dana White: ‘Chuck Liddell gets a big fat paycheck every week’

If you recall when Chuck Liddell retired he was given his new position of Vice President of Business Development with the UFC. But anytime anyone asked him about his job description, he gave vague answers like, “help promote the sport” or be an “ambassador” for the sport — stuff like that.

In a new interview with, UFC President Dana White gave a little more insight into what exactly “The Iceman’s” duties require — and if you think ol’ Chucky boy is sitting in an office somewhere answering phone calls or setting up appearances, think again.

Live Stream: The Joe Rogan Experience with Chuck Liddell and Enson Inoue

UFC Hall of Famer Chuck “The Iceman”and UFC, Pride and Shooto veteran Enson Inoue are on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast right now! Check it out as the guys discuss the growth and evolution of the UFC and mixed martial arts, the great careers of Liddell and Inoue, and who knows what else will come up!

Exclusive: Chuck Liddell talks evolution of UFC and retirement *VIDEO*

Chuck “The Iceman” Liddell talks with about the evolution of the UFC, the compliments from fans that mean the most to him and what it would take to bring him out of retirement. Also, watch as “The Iceman” has an intense face-off with a possible future Ronda Rousey.

Chuck Liddell announces retirement and becomes a top executive in UFC

LAS VEGAS — An emotional Chuck Liddell announced today at the UFC 125 press conference that he is officially retired and will now work for the UFC as a top executive. His official position is now Executive Vice President of Business Development. What that exactly means we are not quite sure but there is no … Read more