Video of Combat Sambo crazy battering ram headbutt KO

Combat Sambo. Headbutt. Battering ram. Awesome. Brief Combat Sambo history and description from Maybe you’ve heard of Fedor Emelianenko, widely considered to be one of the greatest MMA fighters in history. What’s his martial arts background? Russian Sambo. Then there’s Oleg Taktarov, a Russian fighter that won the UFC 6 tournament way back when. What … Read more

Wanderlei Silva admits use of banned substance. Um, duh!

The Ultimate Fighting Championship’s (UFC) Wanderlei Silva admitted that he ran from the random drug testing fearing that they might find diuretics in his system. Silva, along with his lawyer, told the NSAC that he was taking diuretics along with anti-inflammatories prescribed by an actual UFC doctor to help recover from a fractured wrist. “He … Read more

Former WWE star blasts Kofi Kingston on Twitter *UPDATED

  Former WWE Superstar Trent Baretta tweeted about the recent, previously reported WWE releases , taking a shot at Kofi Kingston yet again. “Shoulda been Kofi.” He also sent a message directly to the released talent. “Fired friends. If you love wrestling you’re about to have the most fun ever.” This isn’t the first time trent Baretta … Read more

Breaking: WWE fires 8 wrestlers, one ref, and a top Diva

Here is a list of talents the WWE has fired. The most shocking are Aksana, Brodus Clay, Evan Bourne due to his impending return, and wasted potential in Drew McIntyre. My picks for the next releases are Great Khali, Tyson Kidd, and Zack Ryder, plus the official announcement of CM Punk’s departure. *Drew McIntyre * Jinder … Read more

Our ‘What You Think’ game featuring the top 4 useless martial arts in fighting

Here we take a look at the 4 worst traditional martial arts in terms of real fighting. We play the What your friends / you think you do and then we hit you with reality. We tried to keep it realistic in the what really happens department so no streetfights with pretenders. Enjoy. 4. Taekwondo … Read more

Top 4 Crazy Things MMA Legend don Frye has said recently

Don Frye is a legend – he is also a bit crazy. Frye is known for an aggressive style, professional wrestling build, and one hell of a mustache. Don Frye once asked God, “Bro do you even lift?” Okay so we made that up completely but still though, he probably said that. Don is a … Read more

Dave Chappelle finally addresses disappearance from show in Letterman video loves us some Dave Chappelle now, and we were just as confused when he disappeared from his sketch comedy show that was basically a license to print money on Comedy Central. Pressed by David Letterman about his decision to walk away from tens of millions of dollars, Chappelle spoke candidly, saying he has a … Read more