Daniel Cormier missed Jon Jones with shoe in brawl, hit journalist

Yesterday during the UFC Ultimate Media Day brawl between UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones and challenger Daniel Cormier, a media event that will surely not be forgotten anytime soon, a shoe took flight from the hands of DC and missed the champion, but it did find another target. Heidi Fang of MMA Fight Corner got clocked … Read more

5 fights that define Fedor Emelianenko’s legacy

If you are an MMA fan you know who the “Last Emperor” Fedor Emelianenko is. He’s that average looking guy with a blank stare in front of the media, or sometimes a smirk. He’s the guy with the tatted up brother who is rumored to be connected to the Russian mafia, and has been arrested … Read more

Nate Diaz’s manager says UFC negotiations like ‘Jerry Springer’

Nate Diaz’s manager Mike Kogan told Submission Radio that the talks between the UFC and Nate Diaz’s camp have been rocky at best.  We all know the drama. Diaz says he’s not making enough money and the UFC says he’s not a big money player and doesn’t bring in viewers. His brother Nick can spike the ratings … Read more

Monday WWE news round-up: Fantasy Camps, Hulk vs. Cena, and combined shows again?

  WWE recently offered a survey to fans to gauge interest in attending a potential WWE Fantasy Camp held at their Performance Center in Orlando. Check out package #1: * Unprecedented access to the WWE Performance Center amenities * Observe an NXT promo class taught by Dusty Rhodes * See what it takes to become … Read more

Cesar Gracie says Silva’s chin is suspect, talks super fight

In a recent interview with MMAFighting.com, BJJ legend Cesar Gracie discussed  Nick Diaz’s impending fight with former consensus GOAT Anderson Silva, a “super fight” set for January of next year. As if  Nick’s trash talk wasn’t going to be enough gasoline on a blazing fire, Gracie believes Nick is going to win and by KO. … Read more

Twisted: Dark humor CG video reenactment of Joe Riggs shooting incident

Yes, we realize that this borders on bad taste, but someone took the time to make this twisted animated video of the Joe Riggs shooting incident. The executives dancing on the desk are hilarious and this video has its moments. We at PMN have always been supporters of “Diesel” and wish him a speedy recovery. … Read more

Amazeballs: If Bloodsport was a video game, Mortal Kombat edition (Video)

Here at the PMN offices we love over the top things. Our boss, Jack Bratcher wears chainmail and a viking helmet to work every day because his understudy Gary Thomas carries a broadsword around whacking people on the head as a goof. I am only allowed to wear Nerf gear like Kelvin Hunt because we … Read more

UFC’s Noad Lahat speaks to CNN about leaving to defend home country of Israel

UFC fighter Noad Lahat is headed home to Israel after his recent win for what he feels are all of the right reasons. With the war in the middle east escalating beyond just petty squabbles things are heating up. Wanting to do his part is the main reason for the promising young athlete to leave … Read more