New Walking Dead trailer is intense, gory

I am a fan of the Walking Dead and have been since the first comic. I met Robert Kirkman at a booth in Cincinnati and people passed him by like he was just some Joe off the street, and he was back then. Now his Walking Dead comic is one of the most popular out … Read more

Will Ferrell slams a basketball in to a cheerleader’s face at Pelicans game in video

“Drunken” Will Ferrell was supposed to be taking a half court shot and instead turned and fired at a cheerleader point blank range at a Pelicans game. He literally crushes her and she is sent flying backwards, pom poms flailing and flopping in the air. The report is that this is for a an upcoming … Read more

Cung Le calls it quits, retires from MMA

Cung Le has officially retired from fighting in mixed martial arts competitions. He will continue to fight in striking only sporting events and will pursue his acting career. He released the following statement to the shock of his fans via MMAJunkie. After several months of thought and discussion with my wife and family we realize our … Read more

Dave Herman got tased by cops, here’s the video, mugshot

By now every MMA fan knows former UFC heavyweight fighter Dave Herman was arrested on a variety of charges. When the cops got him it was look the hell out – here come tasers. Herman’s wife caught it all on video. MMA Junkie provided the following after it happened. David exited his vehicle and approached … Read more

Ex-UFC fighter, ‘I’m more successful thank CM Punk ever will be’

Former UFC fighter – he claims he was a star – Matt “Marijuana” Riddle says CM Punk “knows how to work it” and is half-halfheartedly happy for him getting in to the UFC. He admits that he himself was green when he came to the UFC and feels Punk has a long road ahead of … Read more

Excited about the return of ARROW? We are! New video, pics

So we all know Oliver Queen is not dead, let’s be honest. He may have been stabbed by the misguided villain Ra’s al Ghul, but he isn’t dead or the title of the show would be “Not ARROW”. The show resumes next Wednesday and we are amped. Some of the photos that have emerged show Laurel … Read more

Jack Bratcher look out! Destiny leak shows future expansion *SPOILERS*

If this image is real, the upcoming House of Wolves expansion will have three new Story Missions, two new Strikes and one new Raid titled “The Arena”. It’s pretty much in line with the previous expansion, “Dark Below”. Four new Crucible maps will also be included. Thieves’ Den on Venus, Black Shield on Phobos, Widow’s … Read more

Daniel Bryan exposes WWE’s ‘formula’ ranking “test”, talks Vince “Brass Ring” comments

We all know WWE sucks right now and if they would listen to what we want and not worry about stockholders attempts at global branding so much they wouldn’t. Look at the stable “The New Day” made up of often misused superstars Kofi Kingston, Big E, and Xavier Woods. They were supposed to be an … Read more

We agree Rory, UFC title shots are often not ‘earned’

We agree with you Rory MacDonald. There is absolutely no way to accurately predict who gets a title shot anymore. On the MMA Hour the Canadian MMA standout discussed what it was like to get snubbed again for the chance at the welterweight championship. For the longest time he had no chance of being the champion … Read more