UFC Vegas 22 staff predictions

How many upsets have we seen because a punch landed in the right place at the right time? Then again, how many times has a clear favorite dominated the underdog? That’s the best thing about combat sports. The unpredictability. In the modern era of the UFC a well rounded game has become the standard and … Read more

The net worth of all current UFC champions

If you know what you are doing you can make some serious cash in the fight game. Right now the UFC is at the top of the food chain when it comes to paying its athletes so many fighters have seen themselves become millionaires underneath its banner. Today we take a look at the current … Read more

X-Pac eyeing return to wrestling

Love him or hate him Sean Waltman was an innovator in pro wrestling. He has been wrestling on television since the age of 19 and helped usher in a new style of wrestling to American audiences. He was quick, agile, and high flying and despite his small size he made matches look competitive. His shock … Read more