Signs for superstar confiscated at RAW last night

  It is common practice for the WWE to confiscate signs they do not want displayed. Last night was the Warrior tribute episode of RAW honoring Jim Hellwig’s passing. Smart fans or “smarks” as the wrestling business calls them surf the web looking for tidbits of insider information leaked from within WWE’s own ranks. We … Read more

Thales Leites says he proved he’s more than BJJ with KO

  Thales Leites had stated in an exclusive interview with Tatame that the victory by submission did not happen, but the Brazilian felt he gave a “nice gift” to the fans, on Friday , the preliminary card of UFC Fight Night 40, knocking out Trevor Smith. “I am too happy. I Showed, once again, I … Read more

Ultimate warrior dead *Updated*

*UPDATE* They report that Warrior was walking down a hallway at the Gainey Suites Hotel in Scottsdale, AZ, headed toward his car with his wife, when he stopped, clutched his chest and went down. He never recovered. Sources told TMZ that officials believe Warrior suffered a “catastrophic medical event” and so far, there is no evidence to show drugs … Read more

Undertaker to hospital last night?

According to the Undertaker was sent to the hospital last night. Here is what they reported. There’s ongoing speculation in regards to what the condition of the Undertaker is tonight after it’s emerging that The Undertaker has seemingly been taken to hospital. A Reddit user has claimed the following: “My dad works for WWE. … Read more