Is this Diego Sanchez’s next opponent?

Alright ladies and gentlemen it might be on for “The Dream” or “Nightmare”, whatever he is calling himself nowadays. Diego Sanchez is a name in the UFC and that means he has a target on his back for people trying to advance their careers. A win over Sanchez would mean a lot to an up … Read more

Star Wars meets MMA finishes: It’s a Trap! video

Admiral Ackbar yells out one of the best lines in Star Wars that has spawned countless memes. “It’s a trap!” has become the stuff of legend. Originally this was said when the rebel alliance discovered that the 2nd death star was fully operational going against what their intel said. Now, Ackbar has his sights set … Read more

Tito Ortiz, rambling idiot talks Rousey, Rampage, more

Tito Ortiz should never be allowed to speak. Ever. He is an idiot. Like a HUGE idiot. In this video he convinces himself he is a legit manager with clients like Cyborg, and Cyborg, himself, and Cyborg. He says Rousey is ducking Cyborg, Aldo will beat McGregor, talks Dana again, says he is a future … Read more

Joanna Jedrzejczyk updates fans on possible surgery *PICS*

Joanna Jedrzejczyk (AKA Joana JedrAFDJNHKEWnmvnsapjf when I try to spell her name from memory) got some great news. There was a possibility that after her recent successful strawweight title defense she might need surgery on her broken thumb, but that is not the case. She took to Instagram and was all smiles. I’m super happy! … Read more

BIG shocker at TNA wrestling last night! VIDEOS, Tweets, oh my!

Hell has frozen over. Former WWE, WCW, and TNA champion Jeff Jarrett returned to the company he started last night. Despite the fact that Jeff’s wrestling company Global Force Wrestling (GFW) will actually be a rival promotion to TNA, he appeared during their Impact Wrestling¬†taping. GFW’s website released the following statement and video. Global Force … Read more