In the 2000s, WWE was transitioning from the Attitude Era’s highs to the Ruthless Aggression Era, and there were many memorable moments that some fans may have overlooked. With the turn of the millennium, the Attitude Era came to a close, but that didn’t mean the WWE slowed down its programming. Some of the most controversial and widely praised events in WWE history occurred in the 2000s, largely thanks to superstars like John Cena, Kurt Angle, and Eddie Guerrero.

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Speaking of thrills, the WWE of the 2000s was not without its share of scandals, but it was also a period of tremendous development for the organization. In fact, it’s one that many fans consider to be the most exciting in WWE history. Many followers may have forgotten a lot that happened in the 2000s, despite all the brilliant superstars, storylines, and unforgettable matches. This article will look at five of those instances.

Hulkamania runs wild / Photo credit: WWE
  1. The First Time Steve Austin and Hulk Hogan Fought it Out in the Ring

Steve Austin and Hulk Hogan are the two wrestlers most responsible for the sport’s current success. Although they frequently collaborated as professional wrestlers, they never engaged in a single one-on-one match.

Many fans might be unaware that the two never actually faced off in a match until the nWo joined the WWE in 2002. Although the nWo’s tenure in the organization was uneventful, it did include the sole “Austin Vs. Hogan” bout in history, which saw Hollywood Hogan, Kevin Nash, and Scott Hall defeat Steve Austin & The Rock in a Three On Two Handicap Match.

  1. The WWE Cruiserweight Champion is won by Jacqueline

Although the WWE Cruiserweight Championship from the 2000s is frequently overlooked, it had tremendous moments, notably when Rey Mysterio was vying for it. Many people might also overlook the fact that Jacqueline was the only woman to win the WWE Cruiserweight Championship. 

In May 2004, she responded to Chavo Guerrero’s open call and defeated him. One of the many explanations for Jacqueline’s inclusion in the WWE Hall of Fame is this overlooked incident.

  1. Rick Flair’s Royal Rumble Number is Stolen by Eddie Guererro 

There are simply too many hilarious anecdotes involving Eddie Guerrero to include them all here. His time with fellow WWE star Ric Flair was one of the highlights of his career. To choose their Royal Rumble numbers, Eddie Guerrero and Ric Flair appeared on Raw, where Flair selected number 30 and Eddie Guerrero selected number 1. When Eddie hugged Flair and wished him luck at the Rumble, he didn’t tell him their numbers, but he did switch them afterward.

This amazing exchange between two of the funniest wrestlers of all time is all too often forgotten, even though Flair would eventually regain the number 30 place and Eddie would enter at number one.

  1. AJ Styles was Beaten By The Hurricane

While the “Phenomenal One,” AJ Styles, is now one of the WWE’s top stars, this wasn’t always the case. AJ had been a WWE jobber for a long time until his debut at the 2016 Royal Rumble. The fact that the eventual two-time WWE Champion has worked for none other than The Hurricane is even more intriguing.

This fight took place on an episode of WWF Jakked from the year 2002. As far as we know, this was AJ Styles’ only huge television match in the WWE during the 2000s. AJ shouldn’t feel too bad about losing against The Hurricane, though, because The Rock also lost to him in the 2000s.

  1. Goldberg’s Single Loss 

Goldberg was one of the most well-guarded stars in his early years. He has one of the greatest winning streaks in wrestling history, going 178 games without losing a single match. Goldberg still seldom lost on television in the WWE. His lone Raw loss came in the 2000s, making him the longest-active Raw winner.

While feuding with Evolution, Batista, Triple H, and Randy Orton faced off against Goldberg in a handicap match. Goldberg still managed to look formidable, although he ultimately lost to the villainous (heel) group. It was the only time he had ever lost on Raw.