Current UFC pound for pound king and UFC featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski is the back up for the lightweight title fight at UFC 280. If he were forced to step in on October 22nd he would have the chance to become a two weight class champion putting him in elite company like Amanda Nunes, Conor McGregor, and Amanda Nunes. He is an exceptional athlete and while he has the tools to beat former lightweight champion Charles Oliveira or Islam Makhachev there are many questions about the size and weight challenges he would face.

The biggest factors for him to overcome when it comes to Oliveira are his striking power and skills on the ground. He also comes in to a fight much heavier than the 155 pound mark he weighs in at making him a monster for a natural featherweight like Alex. What he would have to deal with when it comes to Islam is the brute strength and tenacious wrestling that everyone who has faced him so far has struggled with.

Apparently the odds makers agree. Check out how they see his chances against the pair (via

Alexander Volkanovski +300
Islam Makhachev -400

Alexander Volkanovski +110
Charles Oliveira -130

It appears that they see Charles as the better fight for Alex but you never know what to expect when a belt is on the line in the UFC. Styles really do make fights as well as experience. Makhachev is on an incredible ten fight win streak under the UFC banner but he has never worn an MMA title belt in his 23 bouts as a professional. Volkanovski and Oliveira are both veterans of big feel fights and fights with titles on the line and that’s not something you can teach. Rich Franklin once told me that the pressure to perform is more potent when a belt is on the line. Makhachev has yet to feel that level of pressure in the UFC.

What do you think of those odds?