Kevin Holland went full Conor McGregor when he recently announced that he was retiring in his prime. The announcement came after Holland was mauled by Khamzat Chimaev at UFC 279. Holland had been working diligently to improve his wrestling but it didn’t seem to help.

Kevin – it is nothing to be ashamed of to be mauled by Chimaev. Pretty much everyone else was.

Dana White spoke to the media during a scrum at his Contender Series event and was asked about Holland’s abrupt departure.

We talked about that. Obviously, you know I’m really close to this kid, and I like him a lot. I think when you are competing in a sport like this and you’ve done the things that Kevin Holland has done, you know, he gets out of the fight with Brunson and realizes he needs to work on his wrestling more, so he dives in, starts working on his wrestling, and I think when what happened to him happens to you, I don’t know, I think you lay in bed at night and go, ‘Holy shit, how did that happen to me.

Dana White about Kevin Holland’s retirement.

He’s an emotional guy, so it think his emotions got the best of him. Just take some time, get back in the gym, and whatever he wants to do, obviously. I love the kid, whatever he wants to do, he can do, but I think retirement, it’s a little bit too soon.

Dana White about Kevin Holland’s retirement.

There is absolutely zero chance we have seen the last of Kevin Holland. His mouth has to run and what better place than back in the UFC. Say it ain’t so Kev.