Bisping questions Jake Paul picking Anderson Silva as opponent

In a never ending series of freak show boxing opponents for Jake Paul’s freak show match-up circus there is a new challenger.
Enter former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva. He’s almost 50. Prime Jake Paul material.

Anderson is 47 years old and Jake’s choosing him is no surprise. He fought a wrestler with toddler level striking skills in Ben Askren and an aging former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley. Those are his two most legitimate opponents. He beat both of them and since then fans have been begging him to choose an opponent with real skills near the same age. So naturally he chose the aging Silva.

One of Silva’s former opponents, Michael Bisping thinks Jake is making a big mistake. Here is some of what he said via his Youtube Channel.

He probably thinks he has no power, he’s gonna find out that isn’t the case. Anderson when you look at him seems kind of weak and skinny, he’s very strong, he’s way bigger in person than what you think he is…This might be a gamble. The reason Jake has took this is because of the name value, and because it will sell. It should sell, it’s not guaranteed, because Anderson isn’t who he used to be. But he thinks this is the formula he’s had all along.

I think Jake thinks this ticks all those boxes, but this might blow up and backfire in his f**king face.

What do you think? Will Anderson Silva end the Jake Paul traveling freakshow boxing circus? We will all found out on October 29th.