UFC legend excited for McGregor’s comeback

Had this been his first fight back in the UFC since his loss to Khabib Nurmagomedov there would be a lot more people excited for Conor McGregor’s return. The problem is that it isn’t and since his return to the organization he has knocked out an aging Donald Cerrone and been KO/TKO’d twice in a row by Dustin Poirier. Conor is coming back from the leg injury that caused his second loss to Poirier and while his fitness is incredible it is always hard to tell how sharp he will be and how focused.

Money changes everything and he has a lot of change.

What is left for him to achieve anyway? The Irishman was the first double champ in UFC history, set pay per view records, crossed over in to the mainstream, and is a successful businessman with a beautiful family. He doesn’t need to fight anymore and will only be doing so because he still has that hunger. Keeping it real we would rather him stay retired than come back and get knocked out by someone like Jorge Masvidal, Charles Oliveira, or Justin Gaethje. He has an incredible legacy that will keep his name in MMA conversations for decades. My uncle Jack Dempsey hasn’t fought since 1927 and he is still discussed to this day. Make an impression and become immortal. Conor has made his.

There are some who are eager for the excitement a McGregor fight brings and one will surprise you. UFC legend Royce Gracie is one of those people. Here’s some of what he told Mirror Fighting.

Conor McGregor can put up a show and he’s a very good fighter….He knows strategy….He’s always exciting to watch because you never know what’s going to happen, he comes to fight and every time he gets in, it’s a good fight. In the beginning it was a style against a style, today it’s not that anymore, it’s a fighter against a fighter and who has the best strategy, so anything can happen.

If Conor loses he should hang up the gloves. That would make him 1-4 since his return in 2018 and no one wants to see him diminish any more than that.

Unless you are Nate Diaz.