Jake Paul is a marketing genius. There is no denying that.

YouTube star turned freak show boxer Jake Paul has turned boxing on its head. Love it or hate it – it’s true. He has taken his events consisting of fighting aging athletes and made a name for himself in combat sports. His most legitimate win was a KO of former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley but other than that his resume is irrelevant. His next opponent hopefully changes all of that.

Hasim Rahman Jr recently got knocked out by Tommy Morrison’s son, Kenzie back in April. Rather than challenging Kenzie, Jake decided to call out Rahman Jr which drew criticism from Dana White over the weekend. Despite the loss Rahman Jr is 12-1 overall and a legit boxer. Paul fancies himself a legit boxer and a win over Hasim will only bolster that belief. There are plenty of conditions in place involving Rahman’s weight as we covered previously. It’s still a real fight and despite those restrictions it’s legitimate.

Jake has taken to social media to promote the August 6th bout in various ways but this one is genius.

I had an accident, I’m still gonna be able to fight August 6th so get your tickets at MSG.com before they sell out,” Paul told his Twitter followers. “I broke my back carrying the promotion for this event. It’s broken! Nurse! Nurse! More morphine! I broke my back carrying the last five fights’ promotion! My opponents never sell shit! Ah it hurts! It hurts! These motherfuckers never sell shit! They couldn’t sell a pen to a writer!

You have to give him credit. Jake Paul knows how to get attention and an image of him in a hospital bed immediately sparked fears of cancellations. Well played Mr. Paul. Well played, sir.

August 6th at Madison Square Garden. Who takes it?