Jake Paul gives ultimatum to Tommy Fury

A boxing match between YouTube menace turned boxer and former undisputed heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury’s brother Tommy is trying to materialize again. The rumored bout is being targeted for August and according to Paul he is simply waiting on Fury to respond.

Tommy Fury, you pulled out last year. Then you agree to fight me now but your dad is trying to pull you out again? …
We’ve given you everything you asked for
$2 million purse
VADA testing, tampons.
You have 24 hours to clear this up or I will never give u this opportunity again.

Since jumping to boxing, Jake Paul’s highest profile wins have been over aging UFC vets Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley (2X). Fury is sitting at 8-0 with no notable opponents and has been criticized by some for coasting on the Fury last name. A test like Jake Paul would showcase Tommy’s skill set or expose it.

If the pair were to actually box it would be an interesting match-up. Paul is 25 years old and Fury is 23 and both are serious in their boxing training. This would be a fight between two hungry young fighters trying to find their spot in the combat sports world and make a name for themselves. Jake has proven himself to be a box office draw and should Tyson Fury decide to get involved with the buildup to his brother’s fight it could draw huge numbers.

What do you think of the Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury boxing match should the agreement be signed?