Luke Rockhold believes the system has failed teammate Cain Velasquez.

Former UFC heavyweight champ Cain Velasquez is in some serious legal trouble. The attempted murder kind.

Velasquez was arrested in February for allegedly engaging in a high speed chase. During this chase he allegedly fired multiple 40-caliber handgun shots at Harry Goularte. Goularte is accused of molesting his 4 year-old son. During the chase Goularte’s stepfather, Paul Bender was hit by a bullet and was later treated for non life threatening injuries.

Velasquez is currently in jail until his trial. The fan support has been overwhelming with almost all of them understanding the rage he felt but condemning the shooting. Luke is one of those supporters and he spoke about it to MMAFighting.

To see his family not have him over a system that has failed us is not fair – it sucks. It’s just not fair. Cain did not play a smart role in doing what he did, but the system is completely disgusting where they can allow a man like that to go free…

Knowingly letting the guy go free back to that situation once you’re molesting kids and releasing him back to the premises of a daycare where he lives, where he molested his children…Like, what the fuck… No bail? No bail and they’re allowing a person to go back to that standard. It’s so pathetic how twisted our world is and how pathetic things are. need to be punished. [Pedophiles] need to be elevated in that situation, it’s just stupid

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