Jake Paul called out another aging former UFC champion.

Former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping now hosts a podcast called ’Believe You Me’. It has a loyal following and Bisping seems content with it, and he is done with fighting at 43 years old sporting one fake eye. Honestly, there would be no point in Paul calling him out at this stage in his life but never one to miss an opportunity… Enter freak show boxer Jake Paul.

Jake is always looking for aging former UFC champs to beat for his growing resume. Check out his call out on Twitter.

Bisping responded on his podcast with:

I’m happily retired. I’m very, very happily retired. But I do miss the thrill of competition. And I don’t see Jake Paul as necessarily a threat,

Jake offered $500,000 in a previous offer. Looking at a potential fight between the two it doesn’t seem likely even with that money on the line. Michael has a net worth of $9-$10 million. He doesn’t have to fight unless he wants to and it would be hard for him to get a license anyway with only one eye.

Please don’t let this happen if for n other of the reason than Michael’s legacy.