At one point it looked like we might get a fun clash between Nate Diaz and Dustin Poirier. Both of them have a win and a loss over megastar Conor McGregor who had a big impact on both of their careers in terms of popularity. They easily stand on their own as established stars now but it looks like they will not be putting that combined popularity to use.

When Dustin was asked on Twitter about who he will be fighting he said the UFC had not contacted him in a couple of months.

It looks like he has an idea what the next offer might be for him.

So he could be facing McGregor for a 4th and hopefully final time. Conor won the first by KO, Dustin won the second by KO, and the third ended due to a serious leg injury suffered by Conor. This injury ending is what left the door open for another return.

We know why Conor wants another fight with Poirier. It’s about redemption not just for him but in the eyes of the fans and his home country of Ireland. Does it need to happen? Probably not but if it can make the UFC a lot of money and fill up the pockets of the fighters along with it then it probably will.