It looks like we may never get the Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz trilogy closer we all wanted. At least not in the UFC.

Conor has been lobbying for a fight with UFC welterweight king Kamaru Usman which could sadly happen. McGregor was first campaigning for another shot at Dustin Poirier after losing two straight to him. The trash talk and challenges suddenly subsided and Usman’s name began coming out of his mouth. Fans should be respectful of his desire for the chance to win a belt in a third weight class but their concern for his safety is warranted. Kamaru is the consensus best pound for pound fighter on the planet and massive for a welterweight.

McGregor’s success has come primarily as a featherweight with only a lone win in the lightweight division. Granted he won the championship from Eddie Alvarez but since that fight he has never been the same beast. That is why a bout with another fighter near the end of his career like Nate Diaz would make sense.

Unfortunately it looks like Diaz isn’t that interested because he asked for his release via Twitter. That is one of the most Nate things he could do.

So what would he do? A freakshow boxing match with Jake Paul?

Would you pay to watch that?