WPLG news footage of Masvidal attacking Covington in Miami

Colby Covington may have beaten bitter rival Jorge Masvidal inside the Octagon but ”Street Jesus” just got some revenge.

Covington was out on the town in Miami when he was ambushed by Masvidal who served him a three piece and a soda. Reports state that Covington suffered a broken tooth and a damaged, likely very expensive watch. Reports have also stated that Colby removed himself from the situation by running away and the police were called. In fairness to Colby his attacker did say he was going to kill him in the past and in the heat of the moment he probably couldn’t verify how many people might be with Jorge. Its a crazy situation that will likely have negative legal ramifications for Masvidal.

WPLG local news got their hands on some footage if the altercation with a recount of an eager eyewitness.

Never let it be said that Jorge isn’t street. He may have liked my tweet but he didn’t take my advice to move on.