Conor McGregor’s rags to riches story seems tailor made for a Hollywood biopic. His over the top persona and gift of gab will lend themselves heavily to the success of a script. Selling something with his name on it is a license to print money.

The former two weight class UFC champion crossed over from the combat sports world in to mainstream conversations when he challenged 49-0 former boxing champ Floyd Mayweather Jr. He lost but his fame held and he is still getting called out from Jake Paul to pro wrestling. He is admittedly a shell of the dominant and hungry young fighter he once was but he made it. His dreams were realized.

Conor is now wealthy with a beautiful family which makes for a great feel good ending with the correct writers. The casting would be paramount because they would need to nail it and McGregor is kind of like the Joker of the UFC right? Maybe that’s why Jared Leto who played that comic villain in Suicide Squad offered to play Conor and why the Irishman accepted.

What do you think of this possible casting?