Jake Paul hilariously trolls Vladimir Putin

Love him or hate him, Jake Paul is entertaining.

The internet star turned freakshow boxer was clowned when he first started boxing. He knocked out a retired and very short NBA player and wrestler Ben Askren who has the striking skills of a toddler. It wasn’t until his pair of fights with Tyron Woodley that people started to take notice, especially when he flatlined Woodley in their second outing. He still has detractors and maybe rightfully so because he hasn’t fought a pure boxer near his age. He hasn’t been properly tested and until then he will have his haters.

Maybe they will make an exception for this latest callout.

Russia invaded Ukraine. You might have seen it somewhere because it hasn’t dominated the news at all… Russian leader Vladimir Putin by all sincere accounts outside of Steven Seagal is not a nice person. I think we can all agree on that, or at least most of us. That is probably why what Jake Paul put out on Twitter is so funny.

I’m not going to lie. I would pay for that fight in a heartbeat.