It’s heating up.

Rampage Jackson and Shannon Briggs have been going at it for a while now on social media. The beef began heating up when former boxing champ Briggs started poking former UFC champ Jackson. Then the memes hit….

The often savage memes being posted by Shannon depict Rampage as an obese woman more often than not using one of those face swap apps. Jackson played along and even chuckled at first but after a while of all day, every day ridicule he has had enough.

They may or may not be fighting each other twice this year. It’s officially unofficial. Maybe. Once in an MMA cage and once in a boxing ring. That might be why Jackson is so animated and angry in his latest call out video.

This beef was thought to be a friendly and playful one at first but not anymore. Jackson has stepped up his boxing training and Briggs has taken notice. Most of this beef goes down on Instagram so at a minimum follow Shannon since he is the most active.