This is one of those combat sports pairings that is just plain magic.

Former lineal boxing champion and knockout artist Shannon Briggs has been relentlessly meme bombing former UFC light heavyweight champ Rampage Jackson mostly – and hilariously – on Instagram. The rumors and innuendo have all pointed to a possible boxing bout followed by an MMA fight between them. Craziness.

Rampage is 43 years old and nowhere close to in fighting shape. Briggs is 50 years old and in great shape admittedly, but far past his prime, and honestly way past the boxing permanent retirement age. This whole freak show boxing craze is thankfully dying down but there will still be fights that make it to the ring and on pay-per-view. Older combat sports athletes that may be missing the spotlight, in need of more money, or just like the feeling of punching opponents are easy prey for pay-per-view promoters looking to make a quick buck. Briggs versus Jackson in March might just be one of those fights.

A video was posted today, shared by Shannon Briggs of all people, of Jackson looking pretty quick and pretty good while hitting the mitts.

Briggs posted a statement with it that could be summed up by its opening statement…”OH SHIZNIT”. What do you think of Rampage’s mitt work?