Sean Strickland still has zero class, mocks dead comedian

Sean Strickland is starting to reach Colby Covington levels of nuclear heat.

As you know, we are among the many who are growing tired of Sean Strickland‘s antics.

We shared the video of Mr. Strickland walking down and brutally knocking out a sparring partner who was much smaller and a lot less skilled. What made it even more disturbing was the fact that his own teammates were encouraging him to knock the dude out. Even if the smaller guy had done something to offend the owner this would never be acceptable in a real gym. It happened and he has no class.

Want more proof?

Comedian Bob Saget (May 17, 1965 – January 9, 2022) died unexpectedly at the age of 65 on Sunday. Granted, most deaths are unexpected but he was in the middle of a comedy tour and very much alive the in the days before taking pictures and interacting with fans. His passing affected many people including not just the fans but his comedian colleagues. People like Joe Rogan.

Bob Saget was a good man and a very funny person. I’m going to miss him very much. RIP.

Most people discovered Bob during his runs on the show Full House and America’s Funniest Home Videos. Those that missed out on the above got to know him later on the Netflix series Fuller House or How I Met Your Mother on CBS. He had an impressive career that spanned from the 1980s to his death in 2022. He should be applauded and respected for that.

Enter Sean Strickland on Twitter.

Just over one thousand people have liked the ill tweet. If this had been a friend of Bob’s it might have been heartwarming but this is Sean Strickland. This is a guy who over the years has proven he has no respect for anyone, maybe not even himself. I hope one day he learns that his mouth can be a tool – and that he doesn’t have to be a tool himself .