Odds makers have 46 year old as Jake Paul’s next opponent

Please no.

Jake Paul is making a name for himself by beating up old MMA fighters in a boxing ring. From his ridiculous celebration after beating great wrestler and absolutely terrible striker Ben Askren to his could be a fix / could be legit knock out of 40 year old former UFC champion Tyron Woodley over the weekend. It is real to Jake and his people are picking perfect opponents for him to beat up and make good money doing it.

Odds makers have been mulling over who the next old guy could be for the YouTube star and who they have in mind is not ideal. At least for MMA fans.

Former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva is sitting at 46 years old and retired from mixed martial arts competition. He hasn’t been inactive though. He boxed and defeated Julio Cesar Chavez Jr earlier this year and in September, Anderson obliterated Tito Ortiz in a boxing ring. He still has some spark left in him but the question is not if but when he should officially hang up the gloves. 46 isn’t elderly but it is an age when most people shouldn’t be getting clubbed in the head repeatedly. Just saying. It’s a good time to ride off into the sunset not just because of his health, but because the last combat sports memory of Silva should not be getting slept by a YouTube guy.

Why is Silva’s age important? Because it is attached to a respected and well known name. It’s like blood in the water for Jake Paul’s selection team. It’s easy to market and relatively low risk for their boxing cash cow. I’m sure they have a complete list of potential candidates of their own but here’s one floating out their from odds makers via Sportsbetting.ag.

Top five:

Anderson Silva +300

Tommy Fury +350

Dillon Danis +700

Nate Diaz +700

Conor McGregor +750

Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor would be the best case scenario for Jake Paul and his team. The trash talk between Jake and Conor or Nate would become legend and fans would fork over money to watch it. Who do you think Jake should fight next?