Tyron Woodley lands his Jake Paul rematch

I dont know if I should be happy for former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley or frustrated with YouTube menace Jake Paul.

News broke recently that Woodley would be getting his chance to avenge a decision loss to Paul. The pair competed in a freak show boxing match earlier this year in which Paul won a close split decision. Because of a pre-fight mutual agreement between the two an immediate rematch was expected. Woodley was told if he got Jake Paul’s name tattooed somewhere on his body that said rematch could move ahead. Tyron did and Jake Paul laughed it off like the agreement never happened. He chose to face Tyson Fury’s younger brother Tommy instead.

The combat sports gods decided mercifully to give Woodley his rematch. Tommy pulled out of the bout for as of now undisclosed reasons. With the December 18th event date right around the corner they had to secure not only a replacement, but a replacement who would keep the public’s interest. It was probably a no brainer to choose Woodley because of the attention his denial of a rematch received in the media.

What do you think? Will Tyron win?