When it comes to fat loss, MMA fighters are among the top athletes who have faced some of the most difficult weight loss challenges in sports. Not just losing weight for a single fight, but a long-term change in body composition – losing all unnecessary fat so the body has only what it needs for peak performance.

Fat burning pills for men are a well-known method of assisting with weight loss. According to Total Shape, these supplements can boost your metabolism, suppress your appetite, and attack the fat stores you’ve built up from eating junk.

The question is, how safe are fat burners for male MMA fighters? How beneficial are they?

How long before they work?

Fat Burners do their jobs in a multitude of ways. However, these supplements do not work overnight. And the amount of time they take to work depends on the product’s components and your lifestyle.

According to Total Shape, apart from dosage, strategic timing can optimize the use of fat burners. For instance, popping a pill half an hour before breakfast can help kick start your metabolism drastically slowed down during sleep.

Are they safe?

Fat burners have grown an impression on some consumers. While there are products that use unregulated ingredients, many supplements in the market can still do their job without compromising your safety.

Taking them in the right dosage with a proper diet is the safest route to go. You can go the extra mile and consult with your physician or nutritionist about adding them to your regimen. Another way to check their safety is by checking their ingredients.

Going Natural

Many of these supplements have natural ingredients that are safe to consume and have proven fat-burning qualities. One popular ingredient that you can most likely find in your kitchen is caffeine. While it can be harmful in large portions, coffee in moderation actually produces antioxidants. It is linked to boosting the body’s metabolism by 11 percent.

Another drink that has shown fat-burning qualities is green tea. Like coffee, it also contains some amount of caffeine. But apart from this, it holds a lot of antioxidants and plant compounds that can help with weight and your overall health.

Soluble fiber is an ingredient that works exceptionally in controlling appetite. It provides the feeling of fullness while suppressing the hormone triggering hunger known as ghrelin. Soluble fiber is found in different natural products such as beans, root crops, citrus fruits, and oats.

Another component that suppresses appetite is protein. Like fiber, it reduces the production of hunger-stimulating hormones. But like everything else, you have to consume them with no artificial additives and minimal sugar.

Benefits of Fat Burners

Fat burners are primarily marketed to help people shed weight. For MMA fighters and athletes alike, the ways these supplements achieve this result is also beneficial to their overall health.

The usual problems encountered with cutting weight are losing power and the feeling of fatigue. Luckily, fat burners can increase your body’s energy spending while also providing more. They can reduce fatigue while also improving post-workout recovery and exercise endurance. Some can even trigger the right hormones for muscle retention.

The benefits of boosting your metabolism are not limited to burning calories. It provides you with more energy and aids in having a more restful sleep. Appetite suppressants can also help in reducing the intake of unhealthy amounts and types of food.

Some of the popular ingredients themselves have other benefits related to their fat-burning properties. A healthy amount of caffeine helps with boosting your energy. Green tea extract also helps with enhancing your mood by easing your nervous system and providing dopamine.


While fat burners can be a great help, nothing beats a holistic take on your weight loss journey. Maximize the effect of these supplements by subscribing to a healthy diet and proper training. In no time, you will achieve a strong physique and improved performance.