Masvidal drops out of Edwards fight so will we finally see Covington face off?

Perennial welterweight top contender and pretend villain Colby Covington dislikes Jorge Masvidal. The pair were once friends and teammates and, given the history they have, a fight between the two sells itself. For various reasons the fight has yet to materialize but with Masvidal’s withdrawal from his UFC 269 bout with Leon Edwards will we finally get a Covington vs Masvidal dream fight?

Covington predicted several times during the buildup to his recent fight with Kamaru Usman that Jorge would drop out. It may have just been venom spitting from Covington but it turned out to be accurate.

If the stars were to align for this fight to materialize and actually happen this is the time for them to do so. Conspiracy theorists are already out in force claiming the withdrawal was planned so the big money fight between Masvidal and Covington could finally occur. MMA is crazy sometimes.