Jake Paul says Tyson Fury is sending trash talk DM’s, reveals audio

WBC and The Ring heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury has apparently been sending internet menace turned freak show boxer Jake Paul some direct messages on social media. This is of course because Paul is set to fight Tyson’s brother Tommy on December 18th in a boxing ring. In a freak show. That people will watch. Including me. What am I doing with my life?

Jake Paul is the money match for anyone outside of the real boxing world. Whether he’s beating up on wrestlers with the boxing skills of toddlers, 40 year old former MMA champions, or pint sized former NBA stars the bottom line is he draws paydays. One match with Jake can take someone from zero to $500K in less than a round. Just ask the short statures wrestling specialist Ben Askren who got flatlined in an embarrassing two minutes. For two minutes of flailing like an infant wearing boxing gloves he made $500K.

No doubt with the recognizable Fury surname this bout will have more eyes on it than usual. Older brother Tyson has been sharing videos of his training with Tommy and upon viewing them it is safe to say Tommy isn’t playing around. Admittedly while Tommy Fury is a step up from others he had to choose from he isn’t a proven threat in the ring yet. As we said before the people around Jake need him to remain unbeaten because once he loses – the appeal of paying to see that happen is gone.

Jake spoke with TMZ Sports and revealed the Tyson Fury smack talk direct messages he has been receiving to them. It’s going to be a circus in the weeks to come if the greatest heavyweight boxer alive is cutting promos on a YouTube guy.

Check it out…