Jake Paul is a nuisance to the combat sports world. Honestly, it is exactly what boxing needed.

The sweet science still had legions of fans but there wasn’t a Mike Tyson level star and no Floyd Mayweather Jr anymore to peak interests. Sure they had heavyweights Anthony Joshua, Tyson Fury, and Deontay Wilder to hold down the fort and Vasyl Lomachenko, Ryan Garcia, and Canelo Alvarez to back them up but, it’s not the same. Boxing is alive and well and there are stars don’t get me wrong. It just needed a little kick.

There wasn’t enough going on to attract new fans like the sport used to. Five of my friends now watch boxing regularly since watching a Jake Paul boxing match. That has to count for something. Right? They can now name at least nine or ten high profile boxers to my pleasant surprise.

From a fan perspective it seems like there was a lull in the super fights we wanted to see but we weren’t getting. Anthony Joshua had been kept separated from Wilder and Fury with such conviction that it boggled the mind. That’s just one example. To get back on topic, the idea of a “super fight“ moved into the freak show boxing arena. Jake Paul was one of the people who helped that style of competition explode into the limelight.

Never one to miss an opportunity to capitalize on someone else’s failure or success he tweeted out that Tyson Fury earned the right to face him.

There is a manufactured beef between Jake and Tyson‘s younger brother Tommy. This is probably a another dig at Tommy and another shameless tweet of self-promotion.