Belfort strongly defends 58 year old Holyfield bout

Vitor Belfort finds himself constantly trying to defend himself after knocking out 58-year-old Evander Holyfield in a freak show boxing match. The match came together on short notice after Oscar De La Hoya pulled out of the match due to testing positive for the coronavirus allowing Evander to step in. The match ended up going as most foresaw and was criticized heavily.

Vitor knocked out Holyfield in the first out to almost no one’s surprise including us. A legend pushing 60 had no business in the ring at all. Belfort fired back at the critics (via AG Fight)…

He tried to rip my head off, he knocked himself out at one point and got such a cross that he fell to the canvas by himself. If I don’t dodge my head would be rolling on the floor. Then people criticize that I was very, very roasted. I’m not worried about that. I beat the most powerful heavyweight in history, who beat Mike Tyson. Unfortunately, the haters will be there to criticize you. If I fight a guy over 50 is it worth it? If I win they will criticize.

Belfort continued by pointing out that the people criticizing the fight only focused on Holyfield’s age…

The animal was too strong, he is a horse and he was boxing well and I was very precise. Nobody talks about my accuracy, how good I was. They talk about how bad he was. He wasn’t bad, I demolished him

What do you think of his comments and do you think the fight should’ve happened in the first place?