Finally! A boxer calls out another boxer. Sadly, they are way past their primes.

During this freak show boxing era of MMA vs boxers vs YouTubers vs TikTok vs celebrities it is a rare thing for a fight call out to make sense.

Jake Paul has emerged as the face of the Freakshow era whether combat sports fans like it or not. He draws clicks on news articles, buys to pay per views, and butts to seats. Some of us may not like it but it’s the truth.

Another niche that has emerged is the legends boxing events. Retired boxers coming out to the ring one more time and long time fans hoping to see a glimpse of what they used to be. Unfortunately for every one Roy Jones Jr versus Mike Tyson we get a 58-year-old Evander Holifield vs Vitor Belfort emerges.

Nothing like watching a senior citizen boxing elite like Holyfield getting starched by a younger MMA guy. Classy…

The legends division callouts don’t appear to be done.

Legend Oscar De La Hoya lost a split decision to fellow legend Floyd Mayweather Jr back in 2007. It’s 2021 and Oscar is 48 and not in the best of shape. Floyd is 44 and still looks good but his poor showing against complete novice Logan Paul this year indicated to the fans and to Floyd himself that he needed to hang the gloves up. Will he stay retired? I guess it depends on whether or not he wants $100 million.

Oscar De La Hoya is calling out Mayweather for a rematch and offering that $100 million. He did this via TMZ Sports.

What do you think? Would you pay for this fight?