Tyron Woodley is certain Jake Paul’s people talked him out of rematch

After former UFC welterweight champ Tyron Woodley lost a narrow split decision to YouTube menace Jake Paul he assumed he was getting the agreed upon rematch. All he needed was to get a Jake Paul tattoo and he was all set he thought. He was wrong.

Paul has balked more than once when asked by the media about a rematch. It doesn’t make sense not to from a financial standpoint. He’s already beaten Tyron and since it was a close fight there would be and is interest from the fans in a rematch. Right?

One thing we have to remember is that right now Jake is a money machine and there are people around him counting on that money. Once their cash cow loses – the money would likely lessen, probably significantly. Jake was almost knocked out in his fight with Woodley and that probably scared them to death. Tyron is almost certainly right that those people are the ones who talked him out of the immediate rematch.

Here’s what he said to TMZ.