Daniel Cormier made a pretty accurate list of the top five must see UFC fighters. The top spot was Conor McGregor and if you argue that you are almost certainly a hater.

The Irishman has been in the top five highest grossing UFC pay per views of all time and in the second best selling boxing match of all time. His fights are always surrounded by hype, drama, and often controversy and until recently the fights delivered. His decline in performance may affect his drawing power soon if not already but as of right now he still has it.

Daniel Cormier agrees and his list reflects that.

Behind McGregor on the list are Brock Lesnar, Georges St Pierre, Khabib Nurmagomedov, and Ronda Rousey. I would argue that Khabib is must see only when his opponent is also must see. He is highly skilled but that doesn’t mean he is a big PPV draw. Khabib as a headliner other than with McGregor doesn’t bring in mega buys despite the Russian’s name being very recognizable. He made the list for his dominance I am certain and as a hardcore MMA fan I agree.

Khabib fans…flame away in the comments.

McGregor’s response was disjointed and narcissistic as always.

What do you think of his list and McGregor’s response.