Former boxing champion Shannon Briggs and former UFC champion Rampage Jackson have an entertaining feud going on via Instagram. In all seriousness it’s mostly Briggs posting hilarious photo edits of Rampage and sometimes other people with him. My favorites are the ones with boxing troll and menace Charlie Zelenoff or Jackson’s head on a person it definitely should not be on. Classic.

The proposal from Briggs to former MMA fighters is what we have all been waiting for. One boxing match and one MMA fight between the two. There are a myriad of potential issues that could happen in that scenario but at least the 49 year old KO specialist is willing to engage. No other boxer had the juevos so far except Briggs so props to the champ. The tentative date is December 4th but no real details have been revealed as of yet.

Other names have been tossed around like Roy Nelson, Rashad Evans, and Bob Sapp but they are currently just names that Shannon has thrown out there.

Until more is available about the Rampage pair of bouts enjoy some of our favorite Briggs photo edits.

Briggs is keeping things exciting.