Conor McGregor may be filthy rich but his reputation is worse than it has ever been. After dropping two in a row to Dustin Poirier, both of them by TKO/KO, he has come mentally unglued. He tweets then deletes all sorts of nastiness.

Lately bitter rival Khabib Nurmagomedov has been the target. Nurmagomedov tweeted good defeating evil referencing Poirier’s recent victory over the Irishman. Then McGregor responded that COVID was good and Khabib’s father was evil referencing how he had died from complications to the coronavirus. Conor deleted the tweet and deleted it but fans screenshot everything nowadays. Needless to say this post didn’t go over well with the Russian who fired back soon after.

Keeping it classless, McGregor posted this:

Channeling former boxing champ Mike Tyson, McGregor stated that he wanted to eat Nurmagomedov’s kids and insinuated that the Russian neglected his family. He then said if they ever had another face to face meeting he was going to start a fight. The last part is expected threats from Conor per usual but the family comments are way out of line.

McGregor is his own worst enemy. He is the new Tito Ortiz. Someone should intervene and appoint a social media rep for a while to try and let things cool off. He’s going off the rails.