McGregor posts intense workout pics looking ripped with cast on

Conor McGregor may have lost two in a row to Dustin Poirier but he has gone the NWO route on social media. After the wrestling faction would lose on a Sunday night PPV they would come out on Monday Nitro TV and act like they won anyways. Conor made excuses for the latest loss sure and kind of still is but he’s going all in that he would have won had the fight gone in to the second round.

His leg broke in the first and the ref stopped it before he could try to back that statement up giving him all the ammunition he needed to scream for a 4th fight. He’s still barking loudly trying to get it and he may legit crave it but he has at least a year to heal up. Poirier has a shot at lightweight champion Charles Oliveira’s belt likely at the end of the year. Those two things together will probably rule out a proper 4th bout.

He posted some intense photos in the gym with the bulky leg cast on. From the looks of it he’s trying to get back as quickly as possible.

From Conor’s Instagram

Note the expensive shoe on the other foot. He’s styling even in the gym.