Conor McGregor arrogantly dismisses criticism of his actions at UFC 264

Former UFC featherweight and lightweight champion Conor McGregor has spectacularly fallen from grace. His antics outside of the cage have spilled over into it.

In the buildup to his fight with Dustin Poirier at UFC 264 the Irishman began hurling the typical insults we have come to expect. Suddenly it took a sharp turn when McGregor posted an image of Poirier’s wife apparently requesting to send him a message. Naturally McGregor tried to make it seem like something nefarious. It backfired and began the gradual decline of support for him as the event drew closer. More insults to Dustin’s family only added fuel to the fire.

After losing the bout, Conor hurled insults at Poirier again from a seated position. His broken leg didn’t prevent the Irishman from also allegedly slinging death threats at Poirier’s family. Fans, fighters, and even Dana White were in shock at how far Conor took it.

News stories were popping up everywhere about his behavior and one article made it near the top of the popular Drudge Report news site. Conor has been criticized in articles, by TV sports program hosts, and everyone in between. No one expected an apology but they did expect some class. They should have known better.

Here is McGregor’s response to the disgust at his behavior:

Joshua Fabia is more self aware than this guy.