The main event of UFC 264 was ugly. The blood feud trilogy of Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier was supposed to end. With the series tied at one victory a piece this was supposed to be an exclamation point but it ended up being a giant question mark.

McGregor broke his leg and that gave Poirier the chance to move in and get the victory, which he smartly did. Fans have long since turned on Conor so there was no sympathy for his injury, mostly ridicule on social media. The talk of a fourth fight to definitively close the rivalry has mostly come from journalists. I haven’t seen a lot fans clamoring for another go round. It also doesn’t appear that Dustin is that interested in it either.

Most of the answers coming from the Louisiana native about that potential rematch have been unenthusiastic. TMZ caught up with him and asked him the same question. Poirier told them that anything was possible but we want you to judge for yourself whether you think his heart is in it.